Every now and then when Thor heard the sound of his Divine Hammer breaking through the enemy’s armor, he would recall the time when he and Odin used to work together. In the forge, Thor watched as fire heated the blades red-hot. Next to him was Odin forging a piece of steel into the shape of an armor. The sound of hammering echoed through the village, while serving as a timer so that Thor could quickly took out the piece of metal from the fire with his pincers, and immersed it into spring water at the right time. The steam would rise and the white mist surrounding Thor would glitter... When the glitter faded, a whole field full of burnt bodies came into his view - He just annihilated all the enemies by the thunder summoned by the Divine Hammer. At the moment Thor thought he heard the sound of forging, yet ending up seeing only a broken blade slipped out of a dead soldier’s hand hitting onto a piece of armor, which was owned by a demon.

        The North had never been blessed by peace. Tribes had been fighting for glory, devoting their lives to it. Thor, who was bellicose at the time, abdicated to be succeeded by Odin. He then devoted himself into the restless wars between Gods and Demons. When the Demons shadowed the North with wars, the tribes, which had formed an alliance, agreed to decide the leader with a duel. Thor took part in the duel to prove himself, winning by a hair with the power of the Divine Hammer. Although the tribes cheered for his victory, Thor was already exhausted and admitted in pain that this was merely a victory brought by the Divine Hammer. The glory belonged not to himself but his tribe. After that, Thor exerted himself even more in the front line, toughening himself with countless battles. He was determined to gain as much reputation as the Divine Hammer, in order to surpass his friend, Odin.

        Thor knew that he had never unleashed all the power of his Hammer and thus, he felt that he had failed to grow as much as his tribe did. Later, Odin acquired tremendous power from the Armor of Runes, which he shared with his warriors. With his newly gained power, Thor engraved Runes onto his bracer. He also wore a magic belt to alter himself, so that he could contain the power of the Divine Hammer and finally become as one with it. When Thor was renowned as the God of Thunder, he thought he finally reached where Odin’s had. However, the power of Odin grew ever stronger so that in the end, it even engulfed Odin’s mind. Thor lost his target to be surpassed, for his rival had sealed himself in the Enochian Tower and would never proceed any more. Thor then returned all his power to the Divine Hammer and vanished from the realm of men. He left behind his great name only in poetry. His name would be passed down by warriors as one of the war deities.

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