The horn was sounded again, but the sound was different from that in the past. The blasts was no longer short and brief, instead they lingered. The horn sounded in Thor’s heart and took him back into his old times.

        Thor suddenly recalled that the first time he heard the sound of a horn was on his father’s funeral. It was night time, he could heard his tribesmen cried as water splashed. They pushed the boat grave out into the river. The candlelight on the boat grave slowly faded into the distance on the mirror of the starry sky. At that time, the sound of footsteps came near. The doyen of the tribe said that in order to inherit the Divine Hammer Mjölnir, Thor must swear an oath like every tribal leader did, in order to gain the recognition of the hammer. He handed Thor the Divine Hammer which was wrapped in velvet.

        Thor, who was just a child, was at a loss what to do. He recollected how flurried he was and the resolution he saw in the eyes of his friends, who was standing by his side. Thor remembered the moment when he looked up at the sky filled with countless stars, he held the hammer up high with his friend supporting his arms; and the oath he swore out loud as a child.

        The Divine Hammer recognized his oath and it summoned a thunderbolt which struck the boat grave and set fire to it. As the horn sounded, the tribesmen shouted the names of Mjölnir and Thor, their voices put him in glory -

        “I shall be strong, as indestructible as the Divine Hammer!” Thor could not help reciting the oath he had made in the past. He stood on a boulder in the deserted lands, gazing at the broken Enochian Tower, perched in the distance.

        In the past, Odin asked the Gods to create beasts with their feelings, in order to preserve their emotions in the beasts. When Odin’s will collapsed, those emotions returned to their owners. At the moment when Gaelle blew the horn for the last time, those times when Thor and Odin used to assist each other, and the past he had forgotten during the war between Gods and Demons came into Thor’s mind... In the wars, Thor only focused on the battle line and becoming one with Mjölnir, so that the hammer witnessed him fulfilling all his oaths. On the other hand, Odin, who was as strong as Thor, was willing to be trapped and ended up engulfed by his godly power. Thor finally realized that, in all those years, he was not trying to catch up with Odin but to walk alongside him, maybe a few steps forward so Odin would not have to march alone... With his feelings regained, Thor held his hammer up high resentfully, swearing an oath to the hammer again, that he would achieve Odin’s goal for him.

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