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        After a century of godly power’s erosion, Thor’s soul was finally engulfed. Then, the elements showed him a vision, to serve as some comfort to his weary soul. In the vision created by the elements, Thor had a different life...

        When he was just a child looking up at the starry sky, he held the hammer up high with his thin arms, and loudly swore an oath.

        “Our tribe shall thrive, as imperishable as the Divine Hammer!” The Divine Hammer recognized his oath and summoned a thunderbolt which struck the boat grave and set fire to it. As the horn sounded, the tribesmen shouted the names of Mjölnir and Thor. From the moment he gripped the hammer onward, Thor was determined to be the greatest tribal chief of all, not mire in mediocrity as his father did...

        Thor returned back to the military camp after the meeting. The servant approached to take off the cape for him. In the tent, Odin, the chief advisor, was sorting out the reports from the front line.

        “How is the situation at the front line?”

        “Most of the countries have fallen, but Völsunga is still resisting the attack of the Demons.” Walking to the side of the table, Thor looked at the map while Odin was pushing the chess pieces with his wooden stick, presenting a simulation of the current situation at the front line. “The border is now in the shape of a mountain. Vanir and our troops are guarding at the mountainside to protect Völsunga from being besieged, while troops of other tribes are garrisoned down the mountain defending the border.”

        Odin handed the important reports to Thor which he read before nodding. “That old coot of Vanir has just forced me to send out our troops, and I’ve taken this opportunity to ask for military supplies.” Thor said as he pushed the chess piece representing Aesir to the bottom of the map. “Odin, I want to dispatch our troops all along the border, reaching towards the south-west until they reach the seashore. What do you think?”

        “The Demons are concentrating their combat power at Völsunga. By comparison, people in the south-west are not particularly great pressure... I think there is a need for us to send support to Völsunga; or, we should persuade them to withdraw.”

        “I will request Vanir to send reinforcements to support Völsunga in the next meeting.” Thor traced the route of advancing forces with his finger. “We just need to set up a port at the seashore, then we can circle to the back of the Demon army by the way of the stream, and snatch back the land of Baldr.

        “And attack the Demons from both sides together with Völsunga...” Odin nodded his head after a moment of consideration. “Alright. I will now go discuss the details with other advisors. Let us meet and go over strategies tomorrow.”

        “Yes thanks.”

        After watching Odin’s departure, Thor read the reports Odin had sorted out alone in the tent. Seeing the notations marked by Odin on the reports, Thor smiled contentedly. Since he had inherited the chiefdom, Odin had been by his side, assisting him. He regarded Odin as his most trustworthy ally. However, when it came to the war, Thor had his own ideas. As a benevolent person, Odin prioritized peace in the North; Thor, on the other hand, wanted to seize the opportunity to establish Aesir as the strongest tribe of the North.

        ‘If our army advances along the land of other tribes, we can ask them for military supplies in the name of the Alliance. And if we gain control of the seashore, we can acquire the rich resources there...’

        Thor had become tribal chief instead of Odin, and later joined the Alliance. But the ambitious Thor did not stop the war; rather, he prolonged the chaos.

        ‘You are more suitable to be the chief, Odin... Let us entrust our souls to the elements. People in the future shall inherit our power and ambition, opening up a new road for the world!’