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        “Yue Lao! What the heck did you do, for goodness’ sake?!” Changxi yelled angrily, regardless of his usual grace.

        Yue Lao hated anyone interrupting her work; her eyes remained looking at the stars on her Eight-trigram Scroll: “Alas, I arrange love and match pairs. Everything I did was for goodness’ sake. Which one are you talking about, my dear little Changxi?”

        Every star on the Eight-trigram Scroll stands for a different individual; Yue Lao’s duty is to read the myriad names written in the Book of Love, and connect the couples with Threads of Love. However, she loved to wear a peculiar mask, claiming that in this way, no one could see her baby-like face. She also pretended to speak like an aged person, suiting her title of “Yue Lao”, literally “the aged lunar Xian”. The mask did cover her face, but people could still see her petite body. Her voice was also lovely; the faked speaking tone did not help much in hiding her identity. And the most comical of all, the heavy mask always hindered her sight, and the easily fogged lens on the mask also affected her usual work. Every time, she had to aim for a long while before she dared move and link a couple.

        Although Changxi had explained numerous times on the disadvantages of wearing the mask, Yue Lao did not heed his advice, prompting a sense of helplessness from him. Changxi wanted to help, but he did not know how, because Yue Lao was the only one able to understand the Book of Love. Even if she had sometimes linked the wrong individuals, as long as it would not enormously affect others in the realm, Changxi had turned a blind eye on the incidents. But this time, Yue Lao shockingly linked a Xian in the Moon Palace with a Human who raised cows for a living, causing the Xian to break the rules and stealthily descend to the realm of Humans. Eventually, Changxi could only allow the two to be together, but anger had still caused him to come for Yue Lao and confront her.

        “Ah. I’m merely connecting the couples according to the Book of Love —”

        “I don’t care! I’ll tell you what. I can let this go, but you have to link me up with the right one in my life.”

        ‘Hm. So this is the true reason why you have come.’ Yue Lao thought.

        After sending Changxi off her workplace, Yue Lao recalled a previous similar request: Dionysus, one proclaiming to be the God of Wine, also visited from a faraway place, asking Yue Lao to link him with another individual through her magical Threads of Love. Deeming both requests mere interludes of her usual work, she recorded them in her notes anyway...She had planned to deal with the two later, but she eventually yielded to Changxi’s uninvited daily visits and babbling —

        “Do you remember that time? You linked a woman from a dragon worshipping clan with a dead dragonslayer. And you still haven’t found and fix that wrong Thread...”

        “And you even put a Thread of Love between the stars of a Demon General and the Queen of Wonderland, didn’t you? If not because you are not that well-known to the realm, a lot might have already come and beat you up...”

        “And that time when you linked a youkai from the Orient with the Queen Bee from the west...Sigh...Yue Lao, making a couple isn’t just connecting any male with any female...”

        Besides nagging about the side-effects of the mask, Changxi frequently grumbled even more about Yue Lao’s past wrongdoings, regardless of whether the couple’s fate was actually recorded in the Book of Love. However, though disagreeing in her heart, the Threader of Love could not refute; she had attained this life of hermitage thanks to the protection of the Moon Palace. Or else, anyone could have just barged in and requested a favor from Yue Lao, just like what Changxi was doing. That way, Yue Lao’s schedule would definitely be interrupted, leading to disastrous effects on the realm of Humans. Now she came to think of it, that God of Wine had already caused quite a number of troubles to her.

        Changxi’s incessant annoyance had rendered her mind dizzy. The chaotic thoughts running amok clouded Yue Lao’s memory; she had forgotten that she was holding the Thread of Love with one end connecting to the God of Wine’s star. With the name “Changxi” echoing in her mind, she just rammed the Thread in hand into his star. Still unable to think clearly, the Threader of Love herself failed to realize that she had terribly connected two problem individuals...