17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 8

        There was a place called Heavenly Kingdom locating at the east side of the realm. This day, the atmosphere of the place was more unsettling than usual; an unspoken tension was lingering over the forest of Heavenly Kingdom.

        A gigantic white tiger was running wildly in this forest, as if it was running away from something. Gasping sound and leave rustles were echoing in the forest. Slowing down the pace, Tian Wu the white tiger checked behind and grinned widely.

        “Humph, cutting lose those Xians is easy...I hope Fuxi and Bi Fang are alright now.”

        Tian Wu, Bi Fang the flamingo and a man Fuxi infiltrated Heavenly Kingdom together to save Xingtian out of prison, who was a traitor of Heavenly Kingdom and the master of Fuxi. Despite their success in prison break, they had to split up because of the massive number of pursuers; Tian Wu and Fuxi took the opposite directions in the forest, while Bi Fang escaping through the sky with Xingtian.

        “That’s Bi Fang!” said the delighted Tian Wu as it found the red figure flying in the sky. “Looks like he made it——NO!”

        Tian Wu paused its words suddenly, for Bi Fang was hit by an enormous axe. Next second, the flamingo fell down like a feather.

        “Bi Fang!” Tian Wu couldn’t care less about exposing itself and shouted loudly. “No! The defenseless Bi Fang and Xingtian will be caught by the Xians! Gotta rescue them!”

        With a surge of adrenaline, Tian Wu ran towards Bi Fang’s crashing spot at full speed. All the attacks of Xians became insignificant comparing to Tian Wu’s cannon-like running speed. Despite their attempted intervention, all of them were knocked away nastily.

        “Bi Fang, Bi Fang...If anything happens to him, I’ll maul every single one of you!” The over-focused Tian Wu failed to notice the ambushing enemy——Countless of Dark elemental arrows were firing.

        “It’s too late to dodge...Humph! Gotta take a shot in the dark!” Tian Wu adjusted the elemental balance inside, while bracing for the incoming arrows.

        BOOM! The arrows blasted the field into a dusty place. When the dust finally faded, there was only one man standing in the forest. And a girl with tiger paws was hanging on a tree, confronting the man.

        “Never expected to see a shapeshifter here...But your little trick can’t defeat me,” said Pangu, the Xian confronting Tian Wu, with a fake smile.

        The disdain in his gaze made the furious Tian Wu even more irritated. Lowering her body with a growl, Tian Wu pounced on Pangu. Failing to block the fierce beast, Pangu’s sword was broken into half by her sharp claws.

        Without his weapon, Pangu could do nothing but dodge clumsily, running into the deep forest.

        “You hurt Bi Fang...I won’t spare you!” Tian Wu pursued Pangu without any planning as she believed the geographic advantage was hers——

        “AHH——! What’s this!? Crap! I can’t get rid of them!” Trapped by dark elemental ropes, the fiercer she struggled, the ropes held her even tighter.

        “You’re just an ignorant animal under human disguise,” said Pangu pacing casually towards Tian Wu.

        “You bastard! Let go of me!”

        “I will, after your confession. Tell me, where did you hide Xiantian?”

        “Pff! Kiss my ass!” Tian Wu spat onto Pangu’s face; her hatred towards him was deep-rooted into her bones.

        “You’re forcing me to ask your friend,” Pangu looked up to the sky and raised his voice, “I know you’re here.”

        He got nothing but leave rustles in response.

        “Then this happens because of your silence.” Pangu grabbed Tian Wu’s right arm and pulled backward, making a clear cracking sound.

        “AHHH——!” Tian Wu’s right arm was hung in a bizarre pose after her painful scream.

        “Next one, left arm——”

        “Stop!” A red-haired boy revealed himself out of the bushes——It was Fuxi, Tian Wu’s fellow.

        “Finally,” said Pangu, scanning at Fuxi.

        “D-Don’t..Fuxi...Run…” Tian Wu squeezed her strength to speak.

        This made Fuxi felt even more painful; the rage drove him to confront Pangu, “aren’t you an asentic? Why are you so ruthless!”

        “Mercy isn’t applicable to evilness like you.”

        “You——” Fuxi frowned and pulled out his sword. Next second, he ignited the blade with ablaze flames. “UNFORGIVABLE!”

        “Whoa...that’s impressive. Tell me how strong you are then!” Pangu pulled out his weapon for the battle, but Fuxi ran the other way around, wielding at nothing. The flame was launched outward.

        “Where are you targeting at...Did you——” Confused at the beginning, Pangu realized Fuxi’s intention soon. Yet it was too late for him to turn back.

        The fire burnt down the rope that trapping Tian Wu and freed her.

        “Go! Find Bi Fang!” Fuxi yelled at Tian Wu who was coming over.



        Tian Wu reluctantly left Fuxi and ran towards the crashing spot of Bi Fang...

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