Back then, Gods had yet to learn of Humans’ existence. There were no links between the realm of Humans and heaven. Hera, Zeus’ wife, was handed their baby to whom she had just given birth. The baby was hideous. His nose was crooked and asymmetrical; moreover, he was severely bow-legged. Hera’s hands started trembling at the sight of him, and the baby began slipping out of her grasp. Attendants at their side immediately rushed forward to help, but was waved off by Hera, allowing the baby to fall out of heaven.

        Hera’s servants reported the loss of the new-born baby to Zeus. Upon learning his son had been dropped from heaven, Zeus boiled with rage; still, he did not choose to confront Hera directly and instead, began a search in private. Forked lightning split from his fingertips. Once fired out, they flared into myriad lightning sparks probing out of heaven. Zeus hoped that the godly power in his son would be sparked by his.

        Yet, the thunderbolts did not respond as Zeus had hoped. They had been drawn by the power of the Elder Gods, and thus, remained in the realm of Humans to feed upon the energy traces left there. Zeus traced his bolts’ trip, and inadvertently discovered the location of the realm of Humans.

        Zeus scrutinized the realm of Humans, making two discoveries. The first was that he had found the baby abandoned by Hera, prospering and completely unharmed. The second was the realm’s vast reserves of energy, the abundance of which astounded Zeus. Humans, a splitting image of Gods, had only just begun their history. They gathered together to build countries. They possessed countless animals and fertile soil, living a prosperous life. They enjoyed the energy left behind by the Elder Gods. Hence, Zeus developed a long-term plan, which he shared with the highest executor of laws.

        “Record the location of this realm for me, Goddess of Order,” Zeus said to her, “I shall, in the future, personally open the passage connecting heaven to the realm of Humans.”

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