After Wimpy successfully unlocked the crown to set the cats free, the first thing came into their sights was Ali Baba’s bathroom.

        Tim, the first to get out of the crown, squinted at the surroundings carefully. “Look! That towel was moved 2.95 inch away from the original position; and the distance between the comb and the toothbrush 5.80 cm longer than before. Aren’t they suspicious!”

        “Enough! You better control your OCD.” Copperfield, a slender cat, clung to the wall gasping for breath, but roasting Tim by instinct. Tim ignored him and went straight towards the living room while the others were still catching their breaths in the bathroom.

        “I found something!” Tim did a fingertip search through every corner and continued, “not only the bathroom, something in the living room has been moved. The chair has a 2.67° tilt; the painting on the wall slanted 0.89 cm to the right; and the carpet has a 1.85° tilt also…”

        “Stop your ‘2 decimal places’ accruacy!” Copperfield, who could not take it anymore, put his arm onto Tim’s shoulders and shook his hand. “Only you would care about this tiny change!”

        Tim then shook him off. “Based on my observation, these are the clues left by Ali Baba,” he said as he stroked his chin.

        “But he is not that meticulous type of person——” “No, they must be some kind of clues. Let me link them up…” Tim cut in on Copperfield while marking numbers in the living room to compare with the map on hand.

        “I get it! It’s SOS from Ali Baba! The numbers are geographic latitude and longitude. Based on the map, this is his location——Cullinan’s manson.”

        “How dare he! Cullinan is gonna pay for that! I swear! Let’s go to save our master.” As Copperfield was about to run, someone seized him by the collar——It was Zero. Riding on his shoulders was a petite cat named Mellow, the leader of the gang.

        Mellow was licking the hair on the back of her hand. She had the overloaded of cuteness, but there were also some kind of intimidating vibe around her.

        “Calm down. Cullinan is a tycoon. His mansion must be in maximum security. Given that we’re starving and tired, going inside rashly will just get us killed. I don’t want to be his food.”

        “Based on my calculation, we can be turned into 21.89 dishes——Ouch! Why did you hit me!?” Tim covered his head with both hands, glare at Copperfield.

        “I don't want to hear it. Mellow is right though. I’m too hungry to do anything, not even a magic.”

        “Right. There is a 0.05° error in my previous calculation. Sigh, I’m famished.” Tim felt sorry for his mistake.

        Everyone did not know how to react at that moment, until Mellow broke the silence. “Alright, let’s fill the stomach first. Choux, we’re counting on you.”

        “Humph, but let me set the record straight. I just don’t want the ingredients to go bad.” Choux said as she turned away, strode into the kitchen and started cooking.

        While Choux was cooking, Mellow summoned Tim to study the blueprint of Cullinan’s mansion. Copperfield and other cats were busy at preparing all sorts of gadgets and weapons. Everyone was too absorbed in their own task to notice three of the cats edging away.

        Shortly, an aroma filled the living room, so irresistible that the cats were raising their tails, rushing into the kitchen to wolf down the food.

        The plates were cleared very soon. Then, they set out to Cullinan’s mansion for Ali Baba after packing up what they needed, and the crowded living room became quiet again.

        Click! The bathroom door opened; and steam began to come out. Merbromin, a well-built cat, walked out of the room slowly. “Gosh! They left without me...Meh, I’ll just take my time. Hardcore fighting with enemies is not my style.”

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