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        During a tranquil night, all the wounded soldiers in the tent were sound asleep. Only a severely injured man was being treated by a medic. The medic worn a mask, and was cutting through the soldier’s armor with a sharp blade.

        “Since you do not need it, why not give it to someone else...” A strange voice came from behind the mask. With giant shears, he torn off the soldier’s rotting arm; the dismembered limb fell into a bucket by the bedside.

        “Let who...Haha...What rubbish! This is all useless...”

        The injured soldier lying on the bed was struggling with his words. Deluded by drugs, he just kept giggling.

        “I can see that you have no use for your soul.” The medic’s voice sounded like a child being strangled. Red light shone from the eye-holes in the mask. He quickly treated the stump, but with words, he began probing the wounded soldier’s mind.

        “Sleep in peace now. You no longer need to head anywhere.”

        “In peace...death...sleep? Let me sleep! Let everything that remains end?”

        “That’s right. Everything shall end.”

        Flecks of light rose from the wounded soldier’s body; they were then breathed in by the medic... The moment they entered, the glowing light in his eyes suddenly flickered out. The medic acted as if he had just woken from a dream, looking around, before grabbing his head and moaned in pain: “get out...Get out of my head!”

        He stumbled out of the tent, and the treatment camp sank into silence. Even the sounds of breathing vanished. Patrolling soldier later entered the tent and upon seeing the silent figures of the wounded, assumed they were finally resting tranquilly. Yet, when day came, the patrolling soldier was greeted by the cold corpses of his former companions — all had traces of a creepy smile on their faces. It was only then did he raise the alarm...

        Todd the Puppet Barber was a medic in the army. Yet, one time when he was in battle, he had encountered Demons. Despite worries to the contrary, he had survived, but was forced to live with the Demons’ curse — he was addicted to soul reaping. Later, Todd withdrew from the army, hiding in an ordinary town where he worked as a barber. However, he was still found by the Demons and transformed into a Demon warrior obsessed with souls.