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        That was a world of fantasy. Statues made of glass slowly moved on the bright earth. Their bodies were filled with jewels. The blooming plants induced happiness. The young Todd and his daughter walked up the hill side hand in hand. Happily, he picked his daughter up, and carried her on his shoulders. Yet, the young girl simply stared ahead blankly.

        Todd wanted to brighten up his daughter's day, saying: “Look how beautiful that is!” Todd pointed at the statues, but his daughter still looked on uninterestedly. To draw her attention, Todd picked up a rock and threw it at the statues, inadvertently shattering one. The glass statutes crashed one upon another, and their jewels shattered. The wave of shinny fragments was beautiful. Finally, Todd heard his daughter laughing. He turned to look at her, but what he saw instead was a large metallic cannon. Its silvery surface reflected the gray skies above.

        He turned his stiff neck, once again facing the front. What he saw was land permeated by blood and corpses. The many craters scarred the earth, leaving its original appearance a memory. Elemental demonic powers still radiated on the battlefield. The large cannon fell from Todd’s shoulders. He stared down at his shrivelled arms, and he howled silently, as his face no longer had a mouth.

        Todd had wanted to die on the battlefield, but managed to survive the Demons’ attack. In that battle, the Demons recognized Todd’s potential and therefore, kept Todd alive. They trapped his soul in a recurring nightmare. Todd had run to hide in a secluded town, but was still recaptured by the Demons. They rebuilt his body, transforming him into a powerful warrior. Before Odin led the North in resistance, there were few across the realm who could stand against Todd. If there had not been internal conflict within the Demons’ ranks that eventually led to Todd going out of control, Demon general Astaroth would never have needed to create the Undying Dragon of Poison from the bones of the Primordial Dragon. This would have changed the history of all countries...