Tokugawa came to this mysterious island unexpectedly. When he was almost killed by some mad men, Honda, a burly middle-aged man, saved his life from danger, and two of them managed to get rid of the enemies, escaping from the landmines to the safe forest.
        Honda’s face was twisted with pain as he applied the sap on his wounds. “You mean you came to this island somehow when you were on the way home?” He asked the decent young man Tokugawa in amazement.
        “Right. As soon as I arrived, I was chased by a bunch of mad men in an abandoned town. I struggled to escape to a corner, then I saw you, and you saved my life.” “Haha, what a bad day!” Honda patted Tokugawa on the back at full blast. Tokugawa was not angry as he knew Honda was just joking around, but the smile on his face was somewhat melancholic.
        “I’m worrying about my wife. She is weak, and needs some precious herbs to sustain her life. To afford the herbs, I have to earn money by working outside the town . Now, I’m trapped on this island. I can’t see my family anymore...Look! This is a gift for my daughter.” Tokugawa said with a choke in his voice as he picked up the Noh mask hanging on his waist.
        “Boohoo...You really live a tough life…” “Um...are you okay?” Tokugawa did not know how to respond as he saw the bearded, muscular middle-aged man wail like a child.
        “I’m sentimental, and easily touched by family stories. Sniff——!” Honda picked up a leaf and sniffled, then he pulled a long face, staring at Tokugawa suddenly. “What’s wrong?” Tokugawa asked in a nervous voice.
        “The way you talk reminds me of some Noh performers in traditional plays. Your acting is just right.” “Per-perhaps it’s because I learned acting when I was young.” “I see,” Honda felt relieved and smiled. “Tokugawa, don’t worry. I’ll definitely find a way to get you out of here, so you can reunite with your family,” he patted Tokugawa on the shoulder.
        They headed east to a bamboo forest. The towering bamboos blocked their sight and they could not see the things clearly in front of them. “Bro, it’s dangerous to go inside the forest.” Honda stopped and frowned.
        “But it’s a shortcut. I want to go home as fast as I can.” “Then keep up with me.”
        Both of them went inside with caution. Suddenly, Tokugawa spotted a gleam of silver between the bamboos; he immediately ran ahead of Honda. An arrow was fired on Tokugawa’s shoulder, and Honda knew it was poisonous judging from the purple blood from his wound.
        “Tokugawa!” Honda held on to Tokugawa. He saw a shadow jump on to a bamboo, then immediately ran after it and left the injured Tokugawa behind. The whole forest was unusually silent that Tokugawa could barely hear his own breath. He closed his eyes and rested until some quick footsteps woke him. A swarm of mad men came out of the bamboos.
        “Kill...kill them all…” They stared at and approached Tokugawa, who was leaning against a tree. As the mad men tried to kill him, the Noh mask glittered with gold color. Tokugawa was promptly covered by a huge shadow; he resisted the pain and despised the mad men.
        “Losers like you shouldn’t have existed in this world!”

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