Honda heard his daughter’s call in the forest all of a sudden. He was so desperate to save her that he headed to the voice right away without waiting for Tokugawa. Tokugawa tried to keep up with him, but was stumbled by something. He slipped on the ground again as he got up. When Tokugawa looked around, he lost for words with horror.
        “This is…” Corpses of elves were everywhere. It was a nasty slaughter. At this moment, an injured elf crawled out of the corpse pile and fled as he saw Tokugawa. The huge shadow emerged in no time, crushed the elf with no mercy, and returned to Tokugawa’s body. Stunned by the cruelty of the shadow, he covered his mouth, eyeing the broken corpse for a moment.
        “What a weak creature! They’re useless…”
        He shook his head, bypassed the corpses and finally caught up with Honda, who was fighting with the elves. Precisely speaking, Honda was slaughtering them. The elves were trying to flee as they were no match for him, but Honda did not let them off. He roared as he pulled the elves with a pair of bloodshot eyes, “You dared to kill my daughter——wheeze!”
        Honda threw heavy punches until the last elf was down. He kneeled down, holding the daughter’s bloodstained sachet. Tokugawa finally showed himself when the fight was settled.
        “Bravo! You’ve defeated almost a hundred elves...What had happened, Honda?”
        “Boohoo...Komatsuhime was killed by them!” “Killed? But all these are corpses of elves…”
        “I saw Komatsuhime’s sachet soak in a pool of blood. She is either dead or severely injured with such amount of blood, I presume...I’m here for her, but now!” “Don’t give up. There is still hope as long as you haven’t found her body yet. If she is injured, she must be somewhere around. Let’s find her.”
        Honda was absent-minded all the way to the hillside. “Honda, you look tired. Are you alright?” Tokugawa asked. “I’m fine, just a little bit dizzy. It feels like my brain is turning upside down…”
        “Do you need a rest?” “No, I have to find Komatsuhime as soon as possible.” Honda shook his head. Suddenly, some mad men jumped out of the woods; the lifeless eyes of Honda immediately became blazing. He revealed his gauntlet again.
        “Humph! Die you all, Die!——Hahaha!” Honda wore an arrogant smile, punching the mad men hard. They were down one by one. Indulging in the pleasure of killing, he wanted more and more enemies, but all of them were already killed. At this moment, Honda sensed bloodlust approaching from behind. In a state of great excitement, he turned around and shook his fist. Luckily, Honda stopped his move right before he hit Tokugawa’s face.
        “Hon-Honda, what’s wrong?” Tokugawa was scared, falling to the ground.
        “...It’s you, Tokugawa. I’m sorry. I thought you’re the enemy.” Honda shook his head and covered his face with both hands, in order to get rid of the heavy mind. He helped Tokugawa up, but some human voices coming from the downhill had drawn their attention. Both of them hid in the grove; there were three men and one girl. The man who took the lead was walking backward and chatting with the other three casually.
        “Who are they? Perhaps they know where your daughter is, but I’m not sure if they’re willing to tell us…”
        “Nevermind.” Honda’s face turned sour with a malicious gleam in his eyes. He raised his right arm, and the steel immediately covered the whole body, becoming one of his parts.
        “If they don’t, I’ll make them talk!”
        Honda did not notice Tokugawa’s trembling as he stared at the prey.
        “Wonderful! My wish will soon come true.” Tokugawa grinned, revealing an evil intention.

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