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    ince the day Abadon had slapped Beelzebub’s face, he had found her quite strange. She avoided his touch, and she seemed to have secrets hidden deep within her heart. The changes in her attitude and behavior made Abadon very anxious. He once saw Beelzebub and Azazel sitting together. Though he perfectly understood that they were nothing more than comrades, he still felt uneasy and irritated. He thought these emotions were because Beelzebub was a close ‘family member’ who was important to him, until…
        ‘Beelzebub… loves Abadon…’ Beelzebub said as she hugged Abadon.
        At that moment, Abadon realized that in their hearts, they no longer regarded one another as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, but rather as ‘man’ and ‘woman’. He felt uptight all the time because he feared losing her. His nerves were out of ‘jealousy’. They had not realized their sentiments because they were so used to being together.
        ‘Let’s leave this place.’ He slowly released her from his embrace, holding her hands and looking into her eyes.
        Beelzebub responded with a perplexed expression, so Abadon explained, ‘Let’s go somewhere else. Just you and me. No other people. No power struggle.’
        With a smile, Beelzebub said, ‘Okay…as long as I can be with you…’
        The two arrived at the hall. As Beelzebub thought of how powerful Belial was, her hands started trembling. Abadon understood her fear of the Demon prince, so he clasped her hands to give her courage. Determined to strive for their happiness, the pair entered the hall…
        ‘You want to leave?’ Belial asked coldly.
        ‘Yes, we want to start a new, peaceful life.’ Abadon gave a firm answer.
        ‘No problem.’ Abadon and Beelzebub were shocked to hear Belial’s quick response. They hadn’t expected him to agree so easily. But Belial continued: ‘You can leave us — if you die.’
        He unleashed his immense magic power to block all the exits with trees. Following Belial, Azazel and Mastema also gathered their power and charged at the couple.
        ‘Let’s continue our unfinished fight!’ The sinisterly smiling Mastema attacked Beelzebub.Without any time to react, the unprepared lady was struck to the wall, on which cracks immediately spread.
        ‘Beelzebub!’ Abadon wanted to help her, but he was soon blocked by Azazel. ‘I’m afraid you don’t have the time to help her.’
        ‘Get out of my way!’ Their two weapons collided, and so did water elements and fire elements. The hall was engulfed in mist and flames.
        Beelzebub wanted to summon her army of flies, but all doors were blocked by trees. The flies had to break through the wood before coming to help their master. Even with the help of flies, her last fight with Mastema had been a bitter struggle for Beelzebub. And this time, she had to fight alone. For her, dodging was not easy, let alone fighting back… As Mastema saw that her opponent could do nothing but dodge, she intensified her attacks.
        ‘Watch out! Dodge it! Where are your flies? Why aren’t they coming to help you?’ Having the upper hand, Mastema enjoyed her sense of triumph. Beelzebub strained to dodge her incessant blows, waiting for a chance to fight back.
        Seeing Beelzebub in danger, Abadon was more than anxious to offer help. Distracted by this thought, however, he was stabbed in the stomach by Azazel. Blood dripped from the wound to the ground. Azazel spoke from behind, ‘In a fight, one moment of inattention is enough to kill.’
        ‘I must protect her even if it costs me my life.’ Abadon endured the great pain. He forcibly pulled himself out from Azazel’s weapon and dashed to Beelzebub…
        ‘Drop dead!’ Mastema shot numerous dark spheres at her opponent. As the spheres were about to hit Beelzebub, they were offset by two fire counterparts. Beelzebub was protected by Abadon, who stood in front of her.
        ‘Are you okay?’
        ‘Yes…’ Shielding Beelzebub, Abadon raised him and shouted at Belial’s force, ‘You bastards! Come fight me! Don’t lay a finger on her!’
        ‘You?’ Belial said as he shot a glance at Azazel. The loyal guard immediately conjured countless water spheres, encircling Abadon and Beelzebub. Belial beamed at the poor couple as there was no way they could escape.
        With a wave of his hand, Azazel directed the water spheres to strike the caged Abadon and Beelzebub. Abadon’s body shone with a red glow, turning the spheres of water into steam. He gathered fire elements in his fist and punched the ground hard, where innumerable pillars of flames started to emerge. The collision between water and fire gave off dense clouds of vapor, enveloping the battle scene.When the clouds later dispersed, Abadon and Beelzebub had already disappeared. Belial looked around and found that the trees at one of the exits had been burned to ashes, leaving a hole as large for one person to pass through…
        Abadon knew that he and Beelzebub together were no match for the three other Demons, so he strategically created a mass of vapor as a screen for them to escape. He held Beelzebub’s hand and said to her, ‘I’m afraid we have to lead a fugitive life from now on… But at least we’re free.’
        ‘It’s okay as long as we can stay together…’
        In bliss, they smiled at each other and their faces got closer and closer… Just as their lips were about to touch, Abadon heard Baal’s call suddenly...