“3, 2, 1!” Woodbury and Doris counted down together to circulate elemental power in unison, giving off fire and light element into the metal flying machine they made.

        After absorbing the energy, the machine vibrated violently and started making lots of noises arising from metal friction. It moved forward and accelerated. When it was about to reach a critical point——

        “It’s time!” Woodbury raised her right hand. Then, the flying machine began to take off as if it could read her will. Everything worked well as planned. Doris, looking at the landscape which was getting smaller and smaller, said excitedly, “we did it! I was worried that the cannon is too heavy. It’s working fine.”

        “Great! As long as we work together, there is nothing we can’t do!” Woodbury snuggled close to Doris, who then touched her hair gently.

        The flying machine continued ascending. Looking down at the scenery, both of them felt carefree. The clouds outside were close at hand. Woodbury could not wait to rush into the front deck, trying to touch them. Suddenly, she was pulled by a strong centrifugal force, which was came from a giant tornado nearby!

        The tornado was sucking the machine; Woodbury, in the nick of time, grabbed a pole to avoid being thrown out. As the power of the tornado was getting stronger and stronger, Woodbury swayed from side to side while weathering the strong wind with her petite body.

        Getting a foothold in the wind had used up most of her energy; she could barely open her eyes.

        “My arms are aching and tired...I can’t hold any longer…” Feeling exhausted, Woodbury let go of her hands. Next second, her body flew upward. When she was about to be engulfed by the twister, someone grabbed Woodbury’s hands——She is Doris!

        “Woodbury!” Doris held her into her arms as a protection against the wind. “You idiot...we’ll both fall down,” Woodbury smiled as she said weakly.

        “Right, but I can’t just leave you alone. I’m your sister.” Doris gave her a big smile, for she was not afraid of death at all.

        When they were soon to be sucked up, a giant airship passed through the tornado with speed, heading towards Woodbury and Doris. At the same time, both of them were pulled down to a deck.

        “Ouch...It’s Alice!” Woodbury touched her painful waist while looking at the person in front of her. It was her sister Alice.

        “Alice! You come to save us? I’m so——” Doris was surprised.

        “Now it’s not the right timing to chat. My magic shield can’t hold any longer!” Alice concealed her emotion and urged them to work together. “We need to combine our flying machines. Only by doing so, we can survive the disaster. Come on I need your help!”

        “Bossy as usual…” Woodbury grumbled at her. Then, she started gathering elemental power, standing in a circle holding hands. Crimson, azure and golden rays of light were given off. They were intertwined and started extending to the flying machine.

        “Let’s combine!” Alice gathered more elemental power, and so did Doris and Woodbury. The burst of element had wrapped the two flying machines. Metals of which began to distort and transform into a gigantic mechabot.

        “Humph, let me handle it.” Doris, who stood with arms akimbo, showed a pair of sparkling eyes. She conjured a fire bullet with elemental power and put it into the cannon attached to the mechabot.

        “Fire!” At her command, the mechabot shot the cannon; its power wiped out the tornado in the blink of an eye.

        “Hey we beat it!” Doris danced with joy. Alice, who was exhausted sitting on the floor, rolled her eyes and said, “you’re overactive...jumping like a monkey...Woodbury, are you okay?”

        She came over nervously and spoke in a whisper. “Thank...thank you for saving us…”

        “Humph, next time, please think twice before action. I don’t want to clean up your mess every time.”
        “What!? idiot!”
        “Huh!? What about you——”
        “Wow! Come here and take a look!’ Doris interrupted.

        Alice and Woodbury were both stunned by the breathtaking scenery ahead——The sun was setting on the horizon; the ocean and patches of clouds on the sky were dyed golden, as if it was smeared with honey.

        “It’s such a great moment, right?.” Doris hugged Alice and Woodbury from behind with a smile.

        “...Right.” Alice and Woodbury held hands, enjoying this memorable time.

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