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        “It’d be better if your hair is white like your mum. Too bad the Mister does not like the black hair on your face.” A servant said to a puppy in the paper box she was carrying.

        The puppy did not understand the servant’s words. All it did was circle inside the box, attempting to jump out in search of its mother. But it was too small, and the servant had deliberately put it into a huge box, so its tireless endeavor was to no avail. The servant went to the depths of an alley. She put down the paper box in her arms and stroked the puppy.

        This place was just on the outskirts of the aristocrats’ district. Despite the order to kill the puppy, the servant could not bear claiming a new-born life. Therefore, she instead secretly brought the puppy out and abandon it.

        “I’m sorry, sweetie. This is all I can do. You will have to rely on yourself from now on.” The servant turned to leave, not daring to leave any food or water behind, despite the puppy’s barking. That night, rain fell heavily.

        “Nnn...nnn...” The next day, the puppy no longer tried to jump out of the box; it did not have the energy after a foodless night. The puppy could only give out weakened moans in the hope that its mother would discover it. The falling rain continued passed mid-day.


        “Hm? What was that sound?” Despite the drumming rain, the acute hearing of a girl still picked up the puppy’s moans.


        “Oh my god! Who abandoned a puppy here?” The girl held the puppy in her arms: “Hm? Could it be a Chow Chow from the palace?” The girl asked the tuxedo-dressed man on her side, who was carrying an umbrella for the girl.

        “It indeed is a royal Chow Chow.”

        “This should be a breed only the aristocrats are permitted to keep. Why has it been abandoned here?”

        “Maybe some aristocrat had thrown it out because it has black hair on its face. You should be fully aware that white or champagne colored puppies are prevalent among aristocrats nowadays.”

        “Then...can I keep it?” The girl sounded out.

        “Unfortunately, I am not an aristocrat, so I cannot keep it.” The man’s voice was steady and tender. He stroked the girl’s head: “But if it is you, Miss, of course you can keep it.”

        The girl said happily to the puppy in her arms, “Great! You shall join my family then. From now on, your name will be...Toto.”