Start End EventPencil
Aug 31 (Mon) Oct 11 (Sun)  Trial Mission
Aug 31 (Mon) Oct 11 (Sun)
Sep 14 (Mon) Oct 4 (Sun)
Sep 14 (Mon) Oct 4 (Sun)  Transmigration
Sep 14 (Mon)
Oct 25 (Sun)  Transmigration
Sep 21 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun)
Sep 21 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun)  Joint Operation
Sep 23 (Wed) Sep 27 (Sun)
Sep 14 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun)  Biweekly Stage
Sep 14 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun)  Biweekly Stage
Sep 14 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun)  Biweekly Stage
Sep 28 (Mon) Oct 11 (Sun)  Biweekly Stage
Sep 28 (Mon) Oct 11 (Sun)  Biweekly Stage
Sep 25 (Fri)
Sep 28 (Mon)  Ultimate Stage
Sep 25 (Fri)
Sep 28 (Mon)  Ultimate Stage
Story Stages - Enoch's Chronicle
Story Stages - Demons’ Territory
For previous stages, go to Past Stages.
【The All-Knowing Demon】
Sep 21 (Mon) Sep 25 (Fri) Daily Login Diamond: Diamond x1 per day (5 total)
Sep 21 (Mon) Sep 28 (Mon) New Items on “Trade Fortress”
Sep 23 (Wed) Sep 24 (Thu) Bonus Spirit: Spirit x1 Spirit Refill will be given to Summoners who use Diamond to recover Spirit for the first time during the designated period
Sep 22 (Tue) Sep 27 (Sun) Guaranteed "Perfect x2" Level up results.
Sep 22 (Tue) Oct 1 (Thu) Daily Login Gift: Free draw from “Golden Kiss” (10 free draws will be given in total).
Sep 22 (Tue)
Oct 1 (Thu) Diamond Seal Event 『Being of Nothingness』
The Card Draw Machine "Golden Kiss" can be found in "Shop", which includes:
  • Relics of Fantasy: 2480i (guaranteed draw for every 40 draws)
  • Demon Savants: 1811i 1812i 1813i 1814i 1815i
Sep 26 (Sat) Sep 27 (Sun) Source of Victory: Stamina x1 Stamina Refill (must be used before the end of the event)
【A Long Slumber】
Sep 14 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun) Void of the Realm 50% Stamina Discount
Sep 14 (Mon) Oct 4 (Sun) Diamond Seal Event 『Kojiki』
The Card Draw Machine can be found in "Shop". The Yamato series includes:
  • 1416i 1418i 1420i 1422i 1424i 1426i 1428i 1430i
Sep 14 (Mon) Oct 4 (Sun) TOS Fest Limited “7 Shinto Free Draws”
【Universe-flipping Clash】
Aug 31 (Mon) Oct 11 (Sun) Diamond Seal Event 『Judgement Table』
The Card Draw Machine can be found in "Shop".
Aug 31 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun) Guaranteed "Brilliant x1.5" or "Perfect x2" Level up results for 『Gods & Demons』 series
Aug 31 (Mon) Sep 27 (Sun) Special Event 『Souls Up』: Gods & Demons series can be decomposed for 200 souls
【TOS Fest】
For more information, refer here.

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Permanent EventsPencil
271i276i281i427i  random x5 rewarded after finishing the first three battles of the day
  One-Off Stage
  Craft Practice Stage
  For summoners of level 149 and below only

Sealed Lords

Ultimate Lords

Terror Stages


Infinite Transmigration

12 Zodiacs - Chapter 2

12 Zodiacs - Chapter 1

Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom

Fort Stirling

Monument of Aokigahara

Asgard the Sanctified City

Ruins of Hunterville

The Summit of Tianzhu

Orochi’s Dependants
Fantastic Tales
Emissary of the Wild
Special Stages

One-off Stages
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