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Collab Regions
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 12 (Fri)  Chain Battles
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)  Trial Mission
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)  Dragonware
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)
Jul 18 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)
Jul 25 (Mon) Aug 14 (Sun)
Jul 25 (Mon)
Jul 31 (Sun)  Horror Stage
Jul 26 (Tue)
Jul 31 (Sun)  Ultimate Stage
All Regions
Jul 1 (Fri) Jul 31 (Sun)  Monthly Challenge
Jul 18 (Mon) Jul 31 (Sun)  Bi-weekly Stage
Jul 18 (Mon) Jul 31 (Sun)  Bi-weekly Stage
Jul 29 (Fri)
Aug 1 (Mon)  Ultimate Stage
For previous stages, see Past Stages.
New Main Story stages
New Side Story stages

US System Time: UTC -4     HK System Time: UTC +8

Permanent EventsPencil.png
No. 274 Small Shadow SoulstoneNo. 279 Shadow SoulstoneNo. 284 Millennium Shadow SoulstoneNo. 291 Prime Millennium Shadow Soulstone  random x5 rewarded after finishing the first three battles of the day
  One-Off Stage
  Craft Practice Stage
  For summoners of level 149 and below only

Ultimate Lords

Infinite Transmigration

12 Zodiacs - Chapter 2

12 Zodiacs - Chapter 1

Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom

Fort Stirling

Monument of Aokigahara

Asgard the Sanctified City

Ruins of Hunterville

The Summit of Tianzhu

Orochi’s Dependants
Fantastic Tales
The Grafters of Heptara Unies
Special Stages

One-off Stages

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Recent Updates

v2022.4 Patch Summary
21 Jul 2022:
2774i.png 2788i.png 10254i.png 10257i.png 10259i.png 10264i.png 10265i.png 10266i.png
18 Jul 2022:
10244i.png 10245i.png 10246i.png 10247i.png 10248i.png 10249i.png 10250i.png 10251i.png
DC4116.png DC4123.png DC4130.png DC4137.png DC4144.png DC4151.png DC4158.png
2773i.png 10262i.png 10252i.png 10256i.png 10263i.png
DC7114.png DC4165.png
11 Jul 2022:
2001i.png 2002i.png 2003i.png 2004i.png 2005i.png (buffed)
DC3948.png DC3955.png DC3962.png DC3969.png DC3976.png
8 Jul 2022:
1 Jul 2022:
2786i.png 10273i.png 10276i.png
23 Jun 2022:
2766i.png 2767i.png 2768i.png 2769i.png 10242i.png 10274i.png

Time: Jul 18 (Mon) – Aug 14 (Sun)

The Card Draw Machine can be found in "Shop". The Digimon series includes:
No. 10245  Taichi Yagami & Agumon Taichi Yagami & Agumon (1.0%)
No. 10244  Yamato Ishida & Gabumon Yamato Ishida & Gabumon (4.5%)
No. 10247  Takeru Takaishi & Patamon & Hikari Yagami & Gatomon Takeru Takaishi & Patamon & Hikari Yagami & Gatomon (4.5%)
No. 10246  Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon (18%)
No. 10248  Koushiro Izumi & Tentomon Koushiro Izumi & Tentomon (18%)
No. 10249  Jo Kido & Gomamon Jo Kido & Gomamon (18%)
No. 10250  Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon (18%)
No. 10251  Leomon Leomon (18%)
*The draw chance for No. 10245 Taichi Yagami & Agumon Taichi Yagami & Agumon is guaranteed on the 35th draw.

Time: Mar 28 (Mon) – Apr 3 (Sun)

Seal of the Engraver & Carver:
No. 396  The Unjust Soldier The Unjust Soldier
No. 1109  Mastema Mastema
*Specific character is guaranteed upon reaching 15 draws.
See Diamond Seals for all draw rates.
Game Video


PR “Taishang Laojun” & “Yuanshi Tianzun” - Preview

Game Basic Info

Game Name Tower of Saviors
Launch Date iOS: January 28 2013
Android: January 29 2013
Launch Time 3480 Days  [Refresh]
Genre Puzzle Game (PUZ) /
Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Languages Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English
Developer Mad Head Limited
Requirements iOS 7+
Android 4.03+
Price Free (has in-app purchases)

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