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17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 2


        Chilling on a tree, Xingtian gave a big yawn. His movement seemed indifferent, yet a subtle force could be found in every tiny gesture if anyone was observing close enough.

        As Xingtian sensed a weak quake from afar, he opened his eyes widely with a wild laughter.

        “Finally found you, monster that ate my comrades. You’ll pay the price for very soon!” Bracing for battle, Xingtian was about to attack once he got eyes on the target; his plan was then interrupted by some unwanted presence.

        A pair of playful kids was chasing one another delightfully without realizing the upcoming danger.

        “Those are master’s foster kids...Crap!”

        Xingtian leaped down the tree as soon as he saw the monster targeting on the kids. Still, he couldn’t make it to save them. As the monster mauled the kids, the two of them were knocked flying and put into a coma.

        When the monster was about to feast on the kids, a flame sword penetrated its jaw. The extreme pain revealed a critical danger threatening the monster. Before it could flee the scene, someone stepped in——Xingtian pointed another flame blade at the monster; Raging anger was written on his unfriendly face.

        “You murderous monster, your life ends today!”

        Sensing Xingtian’s killer instinct, the monster knew that escape wasn’t an option anymore. It pounced at Xingtian fiercely with a growl, who didn’t even twitch in this intense moment. Holding the flame blade steadily, he remained still until the monster almost touched him.

        Slash! The monster was slayed in the weak spot, falling powerlessly onto the ground. As soon as Xingtian confirmed its death, he hurried to check on the kids wounded earlier. The little girl got slashed at her back by the sharp claws, and blood was spilling from her wounds like a running tap.

        “Mmm…” Meanwhile, the little boy Fuxi woke up from a coma. “Nüwa...No...NO——!”

        Seeing the wounded Nüwa, the devastated Fuxi yelled hard while pressing against his head. His body started combusting as he let out the yell; The flame from Fuxi spread quickly, burning down everything in the proximity. Resonating with Fuxi, the little girl Nüwa started glowing in emerald, catalyzing the growth of the plants nearby. Xingtian was completely stunned by their raging power.

        “What’s going on...Their strength is growing exponentially...This is gonna be catastrophic if I leave them be. Gotta do something.”

        Just when Xingtian was stuck in finding solutions for this crisis, a harp tune came in together with an elemental shockwave. The flame from Fuxi and the bushes from Nüwa were all wiped out.

        “This tune...master!” Xingtian looked ahead as if he found the savior——

        Shennong, the well-built man caught the falling Fuxi and Nüwa in time. After laying them on the ground, he bit his fingertip to bleeding and drew few blood runes on their chest. Then Shennong played his harp again with fusing the celestial power into the tune.

        Fuxi and Nüwa were wrapped up by Shennong’s elemental tune. When the song ended, two light globes, with one maroon and one emerald, were extracted from the runes. Once the globes exited their vessel, they consolidated into a piece of jade dropping onto the ground.

        Picking up the jade, Xingtian immediately felt a sting the moment he made contact. He knew that the sting was from the tremendous power trapped within the jade. Before he could make a thorough inspection, he was distracted by Shennong’s stumble. Xingtian put the jade away to give Shennong a hand.

        “Master! Are you okay? What are they…” As much as Xingtian wanted to figure out the situation, he didn’t even know where to start.

        “Cough...I-I extracted their power and sealed them away with mine…” said Shennong while inspecting the jade, and he continued, “but I didn’t know how powerful they were until now. I guess my seal won’t be holding long.”

        “What...But then you’ll...This can’t happen!” Xingtian got emotional just by imagining what would happen to Shennong.

        “I must protect them. This is my destiny,” Shennong said calmly, making a sharp contrast with the emotional Xingtian. “Xingtian, you’re my most trusted student. Please don’t tell anyone about me sealing the power with my soul.”

        Xingtian knew very clearly that there way no way to revote Shennong’s decision, but it was impossible for him to sit back and watch his master die. Xingtian would never abandon Shennong, for Shennong took him in when he had gotten nothing but himself; Shennong was his only family.

        “Master, I can’t sit back and watch you die...Gotta separate Fuxi and Nüwa first. Their power won’t resonate as long as the hosts stay apart from each other.”

        Later the night, Xingtian sneaked into Fuxi’s room. He took the sleeping boy and left discreetly. Fuxi woke up during the journey, looking at Xingtian in confusion. “Where am I...Who are you?”

        “He is...Did the extraction take his memory too? Great,” Xingtian thought.

        “I’m Xingtian, your master.”

        Since then, Xingtian and Fuxi had been on the run from Shennong, while seeking the solution to save Shennong. Years had passed; all Xingtian had found was disappointment. As Fuxi was getting more and more powerful in his strength, Xingtian knew that the time was coming.

        Xingtian went rogue as he got desperate. He stopped seeking solutions through the righteous path; he turned to the evil shortcut of preying on demons and monsters, so that he could be strong enough to destroy the whole seal. Eventually, Xingtian built himself a machine with element, covering himself with fire. The moment he cut himself off from the world, he freed himself from hesitation, but also sealed away the last bit of his conscience.

        “I don’t care if I’m walking on the evil path, as long as it can save you.”