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        Condemned for killing Xian, Sun Wukong was sealed under the five Sacred Pillars. A century had passed. He encountered an ascetic Tang Sanzang passing by. His sutras saved Wukong from the muddle. Since then, Wukong had been following Sanzang in search of the Xian’s universal principle.

        During the journey, they met the kid lover Sha Seng, Zhu Bajie who had turned into human from pig, and Qiongqi the beast who turned over a new leaf. Each had their own reason to join Sanzang. One day, they were resting at the mountainside.

        “Zhu Bajie, Sha Seng, stop slacking off on Qiongqi. Go find water and some fruits now!” Sun Wukong shouted.

        “Ahh...NOOO! I just can’t resist the fluffy Qiongqi. It’s soft and comfortable.” Zhu Bajie buried his face into the tiger-like beast Qiongqi, rubbing over and over again.

        “Yes it is bro. This kind of softness is just like a kid’s cheek. Fascinating!” Sha Seng’s eyes glittered as he kept on stroking Qiongqi’s body.

        Annoyed, Wukong could not help but pressed his forehead. When he was about to lecture them, Qiongqi was one step earlier to shake Sha Seng and Zhu Bajie off. “Have you done yet! I’m not your pet. One more time and I’ll eat you two up, you fat pig and pervert!” It roared with a wide open mouth.

        “Noooo!” Zhu Bajie screamed as he was held in the mouth by Qiongqi. At the moment, someone came over. “Master, save me please! Qiongqi is trying to eat me!” Zhu Bajie found his savior.

        “Your bloodlust is yet to cleanse. Perhaps more sutras will help…” Tang Sanzang, wearing the monk’s garment, held his staff, preparing to chant. “I was just playing around with brother Bajie...Haha...hahaha…”

        “Ok but don’t go too far...Em? Look at the smoke over there.” Tang Sanzang pointed at the downhill. “The smoke comes from a village. Let me take a look master,” Wukong said as he put his hand close to eyebrows.

        “Alright, be careful.”
        Then, Wukong gazed at the mischievous Qiongqi, Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng from behind. “I go check it out. You three take good care of the master.”

        After dropping the message, Wukong rode a cloud flying down to the village. The entrance gate was already burnt black, as if a war had happened. While he was pondering about the situation, a few Xians were approaching. Wukong dropped his guard as he recognized them and then bowed.

        Yuanshi Tianzun waved to signal Wukong to raise his head. “Wukong, what a coincidence. Perhaps it’s fate, isn’t it.”

        “Tianzun, what brought you here? Is something done with the smoke?”

        Yuanshi Tianzun nodded. “We sensed demons invading the village. So we were here to help. But those cunning creatures were holding the people hostage to threaten us. So we should act cautiously for the sake of their lives. Although some Xians were disguised as humans, they were all defeated unfortunately.”

        Looking down at the village in the mid air, Wukong found bloodshed. When it came to the suffering of those innocent lives, he felt heart-aching. So he volunteered. “Tianzun, I owe you a favor and the demons must be contained. Leave them to me.”

        “Humph! What a monkey can possibly do!?” A Xian questioned with disdain. But receiving Tianzun’s glare, he stopped talking anymore.

        Although Wukong was taunted, he did not feel angry but smile, turning into a normal monkey. “Coz I’m more than a monkey,” said Wukong confidently.

        Two armed demons were patrolling in the village on full alert. Suddenly, a noise came from behind and they turned around——

        “Eek eek——!” A golden monkey shouted while scratching its head.
        “Tut! Just a damn monkey. I thought it was those Xians.”
        “Humph! As long as we have the hostages in the square, they won’t dare to come.”

        Sun Wukong waited until that two demons had lef t and climbed to the rooftop to take a look.

        “So the villagers are trapped in the square...Let me see.” Wukong’s eyes glittered gold, seeing through all the residences. Soon, he found the square mentioned. Taking a leap, he hopped down the path to make it to the place successfully.

        A bunch of villagers were tied up in the square, guarded by a dozen of demons. Wukong acted fast to sneak in the crowd and cut them loose with his claw. “Wait for my signal to run east,” he said to the hostages quietly.

        When everything was ready, Wukong circulated power to turn himself back to the true form and let out a roar. “RUN!”

        Wukong led them to the gate and defeated those demons on the way. The fight brought him back the long-lost pleasure.

        “I like fighting. I can feel myself in battles…” Reinforcement was coming, but this gave Wukong no fear. Instead, he was energized, triggering more and more power. Riding a cloud shuttling through the enemies, thousands of demons were eliminated in a flash.

        While he was suppressing the demons, all villagers escaped, arriving the Xians’ protection successfully. Losing the leverage, the demon army was crushed and lost the battle completely.

        “Thanks to you Wukong, otherwise many innocent lives will sacrifice.” Yuanshi Tianzun talked to the resting Wukong.

        “Not at all.”

        “So it’s true.” Yuanshi Tianzun gazed at him suddenly, who was puzzled at the moment. “Tianzun, who do you mean?”

        “In the past, you used to be arrogant in battles. Now, I can see you drop it down. I guess Sanzang has kept you enlightened and cleansed the savageness inside you.”

        “Yeah...even a rock will be tamed when you need to receive his sermon everyday.” Wukong smiled frankly. His heroism was still here, but with much magnanimity.

        “...Demons are raging these days. The Heavenly Kingdom is already busy with their activities, mind to join me and be my disciple? With your potential I’m sure you’ll be something.” Yuanshi Tianzun stroked his beard to invite him sincerely.

        “Em? Me?”

        “Yuanshi Tianzun is a Xian of power and wisdom. If I join him, my strength will step up to the next level and become invincible...But is it really what I want?”

        Sun Wukong closed his eyes; Tang Sanzang and his young disciples were popping up in his mind.

        “...All I want is a place where I belong, and with my best friends.”

        “Thank you for your kindness. But I have only one master.” Sun Wukong stood up. “Fighting the evils is surely important. However, I believe to maintain a rightful mind is also essential. Please forgive me to let you down.”

        Then, he blew out a cloud and rode back to the mountainside. As soon as he arrived, Zhu Bajie’s voices were filled with excitement.

        “Brother is back!” Zhu Bajie welcomed him with a handful of fruits. “Look! I’ve found these fruits with my nose.”

        “Hey, don’t take all the credits. Qiongqi and I also played our part!” Sha Seng said as he pushed Bajie away; Qiongqi did not care less but scratched an itch under the tree.

        “Sigh, just stop arguing, will you?” They gave Wukong a headache again.

        At the moment, Tang Sanzang came over with a smile. “Welcome back.”

        “Master.” Wukong was speechless with mixed emotions within. Then he gathered his spirit with a determined answer. “I’m back.”