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        Dawn broke. Robert the coroner got up, washed and dressed as usual. When his wife handed a suitcase to him and kissed him goodbye at the front door, she stepped back with a frown. “What’s wrong,” asked Robert.

        “Your body is full of rotten smell. I know you love your job, but do take care of yourself.” Then, Robert headed towards his office. He took a sniff of his hand, which gave off an unpleasant odor, and pondered for a while.

        “Is it the cost of immortality…” Puzzled by this matter, Robert opened the door but soon noticed that his right arm was dropped to the ground from his shoulder.

        “——Someone is coming!” He picked it up fast, went into the office and shut the door immediately. Sitting down, he gazed at the right arm while gasping for breath.

        “Wh-what’s wrong with my body?”
        “Oops, looks like organs of corpses don’t last long.”
        “Who-who are you?”
        “You don’t recognize me? Oh, it hurts me, little Robert.” That person showed up——Inferno Savant, the demon who saved him from death.

        “What a great timing. I’m looking for you!” Robert held his right arm and asked in anger, “I’ve followed your instruction to change into new organs every week. Why my arm is still broken?”

        “These organs from the corpses lack the vitality to stop you from getting rotten. Sooner or later you’ll die.”
        “Then what should I do...I don’t want to die!” Robert grabbed Inferno Savant’s collar like a maniac and shouted, “tell me! What can I do?”

        “If the corpses can’t help, how about you get the organs from people alive?” Inferno Savant snapped his fingers and then he turned into flames, vanishing into thin air.

        “So I have to get the organs from living people to prevent my body from decaying…” Robert’s eyes sparkled with madness. Afterwards, he stitched the cut on his arm by himself and sharpened a few scalpels. Today, he worked till late as usual in the office.

        However, Robert did not return home instantly. Instead, he went to a quiet alley and hid somewhere, waiting for someone to get past. As he was about to fall asleep, a target appeared——a blue-haired, muddle-headed lady, who was staggering along the road.

        “Okay, she’s my target!” Robert took out a scalpel and sprinted towards her with unusual speed. Nevertheless, obviously the lady also proved that she was not an ordinary person. Countless red lines were given off from her body to block his attack.

        “Well, well, I don’t expect to fall into an ambush. This city is really dangerous.” Elizabeth continued, “now it’s my turn.”

        With a wave of her hand, Robert was tied by those blood strings. He struggled to break free, but it just made him feel even more painful.
        “Time to end——” Before she finished talking, Elizabeth felt pain——a broken arm stabbed her in the back with the scalpel.

        “This is easy.” Robert cut off the blood strings with his left arm and walked close to Elizabeth slowly.

        “Your organs are mine.” As he was about to kill her, something whooshed by suddenly. In the nick of time, he dodged several flying knives from behind, but it just kept on and on, which forced Robert away from Elizabeth.

        “You bastard! Get away from her!” Jack jumped against wall, took a leap and held her into his arms.

        Gently touching Elizabeth’s pale face, Jack felt distressed. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left you alone.”
        “It’s okay my dear. I know you’ll save me.”
        “Right, no matter where you are. Come my dear. Go teach that bastard a lesson.”

        Elizabeth opened her mouth and bit his neck to bleed. It was supposed to be very painful, but Jack did not even frown at all. Instead, he was gazing at her with love.

        “These two aren’t ordinary people. Even though I can beat them, I’m sure I’ll be severely wounded. When he was about to escape, a sharp, blood blade pierced through his stomach. Fed by blood, Elizabeth had regained her stamina. She conjured more and more blades while coming over. Robert, who feared death compared with anyone else, realized how weak he was at this moment.

        “An eye for an eye. Humph, you ruin my mood today.” Elizabeth got the blade back as she threw Robert away like a broken toy. He had lost his strength to battle.

        “My dear, relax. With such injury, he’ll be dead in an hour. Let’s go home.” Elizabeth calmed down after Jack placated her. Robert was left on the ground. His vision became blurred; and his body was losing temperature gradually.

        “Getting my life back is not easy...I can’t lose it again...I don’t want to die...To be stronger, I need fresh organs...fresh...organs…”

        Suddenly, a woman showed up in his sight. She ran over and crouched down in front of Robert. “Husband, what’s going on with these injuries?”

        Knowing that his husband had not come back, Robert’s wife had been searching in the city, until she heard a strange noise coming out from the alley. Then, she found him, covered with wounds. “I’m calling someone for help. How do you feel,” his wife asked anxiously.

        Robert, holding his wife hands, wore a strange smile after looking at her for a while. “...Fresh organs...I found you…”

        Then, a scream of horror was echoing through the street…

        “Hahaha, looks like the experiment succeeds.” Inferno Savant, who was hiding on the rooftop, looked down at Robert with a grin.