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        “What should we do...? The boss has been underwater for a long time, and there’s no sign of him so far...”

        “Maybe the boss drowned down in a sunken ship!”

        “Boohoo...Boss, although you’re mean, arrogant, and your breath stinks, we still respect you. Don’t leave us!”

        Just as the pirates were mourning for their fallen leader, a figure appeared on the other side of the ship and climbed onto the deck. He leisurely placed down a chest covered with rust and barnacles before clenching his fists and punching each of the pirates in the head. The pirates all turned around in anger. They wanted to curse at the person who had hindered their mourning. However, as they looked at the figure, their eyes changed from tearful to joyful.

        “I won’t die that easily! You think moving a heavy chest like this doesn’t take time?!” Cheung Po Tsai berated the pirates while they approached with tears of joy. Cheung thought they were all approaching to care for him, but they walked past him and went toward the chest, where they only saw a glass vase inside.

        They all said in disappointment, “What can we do with this ragged vase?” Cheung knocked their heads hard.

        “You idiots, this is a historical vase. We can sell it for thousands of gold coins!” Upon hearing this, all the pirates imagined a scene where they were surrounded by nothing but coins. Before they could ask Cheung Po Tsai to sell the vase, their captain had started talking: “But as usual, I’m not selling it.” His subordinates had lost count of how many times they were faced with this kind of disappointment. Cheung always searched for treasures in the seas that had many sunken ships, but everything he found was stored instead of being sold for money.

        “Wait for me here! There’s still a lot of good stuff down there!” With that said, Cheung stepped onto the edge of the ship before lightly springing across and diving into the sea like a fish. The pirates watched their boss dive into the deep ocean until his figure completely disappeared into the darkness. They then hurriedly took off their clothes: “Boss always keeps everything. We’re going to die of hunger! If we want money and food, we need to fend for ourselves!”

        After a long period of time, Cheung climbed back onto the ship with a chest. It was not until his return did he notice his subordinates had all dived into the sea in search of treasures. “Troublesome people...” He hurriedly turned around and jumped back into the water.

        Cheung swam to the depth of the sea, only to see the pirates tangled by either seaweed or ropes of the sunken ships. They were all motionless and had already lost their breath. Cheung hastily swam toward them, passed them some air, and either untied the ropes or cut the seaweed before he shoved them toward the surface. As one of the pirates was pushed upward, he could see Cheung was almost out of breath. He tried to grab Cheung’s hand to swim up with him, but he missed his hand and could only watch Cheung’s figure sink...

        Water spurted out of the pirates’ mouths. When the pirates finally regained consciousness, they nervously looked around, but they failed to find their leader. They could not help but start crying: “Boss! It’s all our fault! We’ve sent you to the other world! We’re sorry, boss!” Just as the pirates were mourning for their boss, someone punched them hard on the head and angrily said, “You idiots! Now you know how dangerous it is to be around those sunken ships, don’t you? This is why I’ve always asked you to wait for me on the ship!” The pirates yelled back in anger, “We went down there because you don’t sell the treasures! If you weren’t such a collect-a-holic, we would have long been the richest guys in the realm!”

        Their response startled Cheung Po Tsai. He never thought his subordinates would react like this. With a sigh, he pushed the chest he had just found in the sea to the pirates: “Ok! I’ll give you this. Now stop whining about it!” Then, he climbed onto the mast and held a pen against a map.

        The pirates opened the chest in excitement, thinking that they could finally be rich. However, what lay within the chest was merely a soaked book...