“Mufasa, to be a true leader, you have to trust everyone around you!”

        “Father, what is trust then?”

        “When you know how to trust someone with all your heart, you’ll understand.”

        Whenever there was something serious in the tribe, Mufasa would think of his father’s words. When his father passed away, Mufasa became the new leader who settle every matter, big and small ones, in the tribe by himself. The tribespeople recognized this young leader for his great job. Yet, Mufasa always thought that he was not good enough, for he still could not understand what was meant by to trust someone with all his heart.

        One day, Mufasa spotted a thief stealing food from a rich family. He wanted to advance and catch him, but then he suddenly recalled what his father had said. Therefore Mufasa followed the thief in stealth, and saw him walking into a shabby, abandoned house with several children inside. The thief distributed the stolen food to the children, and fled with satisfaction as he saw the children grinned innocently.

        Mufasa started to understand what his father said. Everyone has his or her own reason to do something. As a chief, he had to believe in the ability of his tribespeople that they were able to tackle with the problems and it was not necessary for him to take part in every case. Since then, he began to trust in everyone’s ability and sometimes even gave space to the tribespeople to take care of their own troubles. He earned even more respect from the people then.

        “To be a chief, one has to be decisive, strong, brave and to trust your people.” - Tribal Chief Mufasa

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