Before Iquitos became a sage, tribal people would tremble for just hearing his name. The name “Insane Iquitos” was notorious for some reasons. No one knew what Iquitos was thinking, for he would suddenly blow the house up, unaccountably burn the food storage, or even dug a ditch around the tribe. To them, “Iquitos” stood for insane, mad.

        ”My brother, why you have to do this? ”Mufasa asked him once,

        “You never know if something works unless you try.”

        All the people except Mufasa assumed Iquitos was mad after they heard his reply. The people asked Mufasa that Iquitos be banished from the tribe, but their request was turned down. At the time Mufasa did not explain why, for he knew that Iquitos did everything for a reason. Shortly afterwards, a troop of outsiders invaded the tribe.

        The enemies were making an aggressive invasion, and advanced to the outskirts of the tribe in no time. Yet, Iquitos defeated them with surprising moves and safeguarded the tribal land, pulling off a victory. People finally understood the reasons behind those strange acts of Iquitos. Much of the credit of the victory went to Insane Iquitos. Since then, the tribespeople became inured to the unusual acts of Iquitos, for they knew there must be reasons behind. Soon, they called him “Sage” for his unsophisticated wisdom.

        ‘Every cause has its effect. If the cause cannot be changed, try to alter the outcome of its effect.’ - Tribal Sage Iquitos

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