Odous was the strongest soldier in the tribe, who excelled in water and also on land. Even the chief Mufasa was second to Odous for his distinguished battle skills. Fighting madly at the cost of life, he brought victory to the tribe, but this could not bring him respect of the tribes people. He was so conceited that he trusted no one except Mufasa. Even on battlefields, he always drove into the enemy alone by himself, besieged by his foes.

        “Odous, you should trust your companions.”

        “Chief, I think you should have more confidence in me.”

        In a certain war, the arrogance of Odous had left him desperate under the attacks from all directions by the invaders. He had his back to the wall and felt powerless to fight back. Just when he prepared to give up his life and return to Osiris, Mufasa brought warriors from the tribe and saved him. This battle left traces on his face. When Odous returned to the tribe, the sage asked him, “Why don’t you put your trust in the others in the tribe the way you trust Mufasa?” Odous indulged himself in the question and did not go on the battlefield in the few battles after. Odous realised that Mufasa was defenseless from the back during battles, but no enemies were able to hurt him. Odous asked him why. Mufasa answered that it was because he trusted his companions and put his life in their hands.

        Odous appeared in the battlefront again. As usual he fought with the cost of life, but he learnt to believe in his companions and entrusted them with his life. He won respect from the tribe and helped the tribe grew further. At last people in the tribe honored him with the title of warrior.

        “The lonely part of me is dead; the arrogant part of me still exists. Now I entrust all of you with my life.” - Tribal Warrior Odous

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