Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 20

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        At a hidden alley in the girls’ school, 3 students were surrounding a short-haired student.

        “So-sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.” The short-haired student begged for mercy.

        “Why do I need to believe you?” A student continued arrogantly as she fiddled with her curly hair. “Your stupid face pissed me off! I’m not gonna settle down without kicking your butt.”

        The curly-haired girl signalled the two students beside to bump into her hard, knocking her down to scream painfully.

        With a sinister smile, just as the curly-haired girl wanted to kick at that short-haired student, strange rustling noises sounded from behind. As she turned around, a young lady Corallium was jotting down something.

        “Hey, what are you doing!” Furious, the curly-haired girl tried to stop her but Corallium turned aside to dodge easily.

        “I’m the Chief of the News Society. Of course I’m here to cover a news and record what you said.” Corallium wore a scary grin. “The bully of Minerelf Girls’ School.”

        “YOU bastard! Go get her!” The curly-haired girl commanded the other two to catch Corallium together; bizarrely, she did not resist at all. Falling into a panic, the short-haired girl ran away immediately, with no intention to save her out.

        The curly-haired girl pulled Corallium’s collar with a cold smile. Yet, she was not scared but gave a weird glare. “I suggest you better not doing this. Otherwise, your secret will be exposed.”

        “Wh-what secret! Nonsense!” The curly-haired girl stuttered as she felt intimidated.

        “Last exam, you sneaked into the faculty room——” Corallium continued.

        “Shut up!” The curly-haired girl cut in, crystalizing her right fist against Corallium. Without seeing this coming, she was unable to react in time. When she was about to get hit, a silver flash swept across her!

        A moment later, the curly-haired girl was knocked away to the floor. Only by now, Corallium could finally see what that silver light is——The glittering “girl” Diamond.

        “Are you out of your mind? If I wasn’t here to stop the attack, she would have been hurt badly!”

        “I...It’s this girl who threatened me first.” The curly-haired girl got up with an embarrassed look. Then, she stared at Corallium, “mind your tongue!”

        Three of them left the place at once.

        “Thank you for saving me.” Corallium spoke out of gratitude. Getting closer almost face to face, she observed Diamond’s face meticulously. “You...are that popular beauty transferred from another school right? Diamond the sophomore.”

        “Ah...Yes I’m, but can you please not stand that close to me?” Diamond backed off raising both hands to maintain a distance from her.

        “Oh, bad habit whenever I saw something interesting.” Corallium smiled; but somehow Diamond found it a bit bizarre.

        “She is pretty...what a shame that she’s a weirdo…” Diamond felt pity for Corallium.

        “See you later then——”

        “Hey, hold on!” Diamond stopped her. “Actually we’re coming for you.”


        “Right, I’m looking for you too. Diamond asked me to hide because it was too dangerous a moment ago. Now can I come out,” a young girl walked out of somewhere.

        “You’re a senior student Ruby, the Chairlady of the voyager club.”

        “You surely lives up to you name. I guess I can’t hide anything from you, Corallium the Chief of the News Society.” Ruby took a stone out of her pocket. “We found it in the buffer zone. I wanna know its story.”

        Corallium examined. “This is...not from Raimonia. But I saw something similar in a book...A book about the outer world.”

        “YESS!” Ruby jumped with joy. “I told you there is an entrance to the outside world! Diamond, let’s go there one more time. We bring as many as we can until we find that entrance.”

t When Diamond and Ruby were about to leave, Corallium held them back immediately. “Can I join you,” she wore a wonderful smile.

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