'Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll take care of you.’ Cold raindrops splashed onto Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo.
        They were the only ones attending their parents’ funeral. Amaterasu embraced Tsukuyomi and Susanoo, and swore on her parents’ bodies to take the responsibility of raising them. Since then, Amaterasu worked dawn to dusk to make ends meet. They barely had enough money for food. Tsukuyomi and Susanoo dared not tell Amaterasu when they were hungry, fearing it would lay more burden on her shoulders. Tsukuyomi often indulged in her memories with her parents, thinking about their happy days living under the same roof. However, the past was in the past.
        Later Amaterasu met Izanagi, Izanami, and their son, Kagutsuchi. The couple appreciated Amaterasu’s kindness, and promised to take care of the three of them as their disciples. Their bond grew amongst them, but it was not what Tsukuyomi desired. Izanagi and his family gave her happiness. She could not match it to the contentment she had felt from her parents.
. During meditation, Tsukuyomi repeatedly had the same dream about the old days when she lived with her parents. The dream always ended with them crying, ‘Tsukuyomi...How could you forget about us?’ ‘I didn’t! I think about you every second!’ She told Amaterasu about the dream, but she regarded it as a sign of incapability and advised Tsukuyomi to meditate more. It was the last time she told someone about that nightmare. Her parents’ deformed faces continued to torture her mind.
        One night Tsukuyomi got off her bed, and meditated to calm herself down. A female voice spoke to her in her head. ‘Meditation isn’t going to bring peace to your parents, not to mention your mind.’ ‘Who’s there?’ Tsukuyomi looked around nervously. A purple incantation appeared in front of her. The moment she touched it out of curiosity, it shattered into purple dots of light and infiltrated her body. A strong might circulated through her nerves. It was a pleasure she had never experienced before. As she craved more, the purple light vanished and she was empty again
        ’It’s the feeling of peace you will never achieve through practice and meditation. Looking for more, right?’ Tsukuyomi turned to the voice and found Izanami at the door. She walked to Tsukuyomi, and pulled a book out of her sleeves. Tsukuyomi was shocked as she stared at the title. It was the book of black magic.
        ’H-How...Master said those were forbidden book we must not read!’ As Tsukuyomi ran past Izanami to tell her master about it, Izanami said coldly, ‘What if I told you this book has the ability to bring your parents back to life?’ Tsukuyomi froze and looked back at Izanami in astonishment. Izanami continued, ‘This book has endless possibilities. Why don’t you give it a shot?’ The book shed a purple light upon Tsukuyomi’s face. Countless happy moments replayed in her head. She reached her trembling hands out towards the book.
        Tsukuyomi acquired marionette skills from the book. For testing purposes, she stole a strand of a child’s hair at the market and put it into a voodoo doll she made. She hid by the side of the road where she could observe the child, and then poured spiritual energy into the doll. The child, who had been playing with sand, suddenly straightened up and stood still! Tsukiyomi carefully moved the doll’s arms and the child moved his arms accordingly. She giggled and made the child perform all sorts of peculiar gestures. The child’s parents noticed something abnormal happening to him, but they could not stop him.
        A villager sought help from Izanagi and Amaterasu. Tsukuyomi discontinued pouring spiritual energy, fearing they might discover the secret between her and Izanami…

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