“Master, no. Octie is my friend.”

        “This youkai is too peculiar!”

        “Master, I hate you!”

        The little boy picked up the strange little spiderling before irritatedly stomping off. The man slightly shook his head before saying to the more mature girl:

        “Fubuki, look after Shigeharu.”

        The boy brought the spiderling up the hill, where he had first met the girl. He put the spiderling down while it looked at him in bemusement.

        “Don’t worry. Just live here. Only Fubuki and I know of this place; it is our secret base! Master won’t know you’re here.”

        Just then, the girl walked behind the boy and embraced him, causing the boy and the spiderling to jump alike.

        “Shigeharu, Master is just worried about you,” the girl said.

        “Octie is an ordinary spider! It just...has a unique appearance...” The little boy muttered.

        The spiderling nodded as if it understood the boy’s words, triggering laughter from the girl.

        “Alright. I’ll promise to let it stay. But if Master finds out about this, I won’t cover for you!” The girl said with a smile.

        “Great! You’re the best!” The little boy joyfully kissed the girl on the cheek.

        Time passed and the boy had grown. Though he was still in his teens, he began to mature despite his slightly childlike face. He came again to the place where he had been playing since his childhood; he smiled:


        A figure twice the size of the boy leapt at him. If one saw its fierce look and deadly claws, one would probably assume that the boy would die an instant death. However, the figure stuck out its tongue and intimately licked the boy, prompting laughter from the latter. After playing for a while, the boy suddenly said:

        “Okay. Octie, I have to go now. I’ll be busy in the next few days and won’t be able to come. Take care of yourself!”

        The boy patted its head and left, a forced smile on his face. The spider did not understand his words and thought he would visit like usual. But on the next day, the boy did not come. It could only wait day after day...This is the home for both the boy and the spider, so the spider would never allow other creatures to encroach. The spider drove away all who trespassed, protecting the mountain area...

        “There is a spider ‘fiend’ up on the mountain. Don’t go there!” said an unknown village head.

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