“The ancient humans stored elements with runes. They carved it on the stone walls of Enochian Tower, which means it is now imbued with the ancient power. And that is the gift left by the Primordial Dragons!” the old mage who stood within the magic circle told the believers. “But the Gods feared us and they broke the tower in half. Now, the stars are connected tonight. We can finally summon the Elder God while the Courts of Zodiacs are busy seeking successors!”

        “When the stars were right, we shall use the runestones as guidance for the Elder God’s descent!” The Believers cheered together. Over the years, they offered their offsprings as sacrifice and struggled to survive the war between Gods and Demons. When the days of peace arrived, they could finally gathered their forces and summon the ancient deity residing within the runes with the resources they collected during the war.

        “The Elder Godhas left its power in this world. In order to express our gratitude to its grace, we are all willing to sacrifice ourselves!” The heretic priestess read the runes aloud using an ancient language. Her naked waist were wound by a strange invertebrate, of which the tentacles seemingly moved under the instructions of the spells. Following her orders, the believers slit their virgin offerings’ throat to draw blood into the pits. Then, the old mage concentrate on the incantation of rune written on the ancient humans’ stele to summon the original creators. However, what descended was only their power.

        As a dazzling flare of light shot from the magic circle, the old mage covered his eyes with his arm as his amulets broke one after another. The believers cheered excitedly and respectfully awaited death . A large claw with scales came out from within the magic circle. A strange fluid engulfed the believers. The altar was crushed by an unidentifiable body part of a scaly creature. As the gigantic beast broke through the ceiling and soared off, the building collapsed. Protected by his magic, the old mage was buried by the debris. With numerous spells and loads of hardships, he finally managed to emerge from the ruins, only to see ethereal creatures flying away in the skies. One of them glittered as it crossed through the air like a fragment of the sun. Standing on the pieces of the hall and the corpses of the believers, the mage yelled happily:
        “Look! Although it’s just a fraction of its power, you can already see how powerful the Elder Godis!”

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