The night sky was ever-changing; the stars in it was constantly moving. If one studied the stars closely, he would be able to find their orbits. The stars stayed in different positions at different times, forming varying combinations on the sky. They changed from time to time and their diversity dazed people. Some people would record the positions and combinations of stars when they took vows or offered sacrifices; they recognized that as proof of their promise and hoped that they could see the stars return to previous positions in the future. However, the Elder Gods were the only ones who could wait till that day.

        The stars were attracted to each other and they fell into groups. Above the realms and beyond the Zodiac Courts, the stars had their own rules. Time is meaningless to immortals. Their power was trapped in the galaxies, awaiting a moment moment where the stars alignment was right for their arrival. However, even the slightest difference in the combinations of stars could result in a totally different consequence. With a small mistake, the power hidden in the unknown world would descend to the realm of men in a wrong and disastrous way.

        ‘They are the light, their glamorous glints shining through the timestream...’

        In the past, the Great Mage and heretics tried to summon the Elder Godin hope that its power could bring order to the chaotic world. However, the Elder Godtrapped in another world just sent its power to the realm of men, which then turned into the Ethereal Dragons of Light and Dark. The Ethereal Dragons settled in this world and grew as they took in the elements. Later, people from the Holy Temple discovered the body of Tulzscha, the dragon of holy flame. The sleeping dragon had merged with the earth and the element of light flooded the plateau. Scholars from Holylight City decided to build a city on the back of the dragon to glorify the dragon with the light of prosperity. Builders built the city according to the body shape of the dragon and locked its wing claws with a stone ring, so that it would become the wall of the fort. The main castle was built on its shoulders and the scales on its neck were the hard shields of the city. When the construction of the castle was finished, its ground emitted the light of holiness day and night. People called the castle Ceraphis, which means the city of fantasies burning in the holy flame. In order to gain the power of Tulzscha, scholars from the Holy Temple forged a mighty sword with a fang fallen from the dragon and they created Dragon Spiritors with reference to the heretics’ record, but none of them succeeded. Perhaps only Tulzscha would know when it would wake up, and what its holy flame would burn down.

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