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        Since the day Beelzebub had argued with Abadon and later been rescued by him, strange feelings started stirring in her heart. Was it worry, excitement, or something else? She could not tell. The only thing she knew was that their interaction had been changing bit by bit, as was their relationship as ‘brother and sister’…
        One day, under Belial’s summons, Abadon came to the prince’s room with Beelzebub’s company. When Abadon was about to ask her to wait outside, she took the initiative, ‘I’ll… wait for Brother here…’
        ‘I guess there’s no one can read my mind like Beelzebub!’
        As usual, Abadon reached out his hand to pat her head in recognition. But, as if startled, she stepped backward to avoid his touch.
        ‘Beelzebub?’ Abadon said concernedly.
        ‘I’m, I’m sorry… Brother… Well, it’s time for you to go inside…’ Beelzebub responded with a faint smile.
        Her reaction appeared strange to Abadon. It seemed that Beelzebub was keeping something from him. This was the first time she had not been completely honest with him, and the first time she avoided his touch. Her attitude and behavior baffled and even upset Abadon.
        While Abadon was meeting Belial, Beelzebub took a stroll around the dominion. She spotted Azazel sitting at the hallway admiring the sunset. It was rare that he was just sitting quietly, not showing any hint of aggression. Beelzebub slowly walked to the man and sat down beside him. As she gazed at Azazel , she recalled he had an intriguing bonding with Belial. Was it loyalty? No, it wasn’t that pure. Was it friendship? It wasn’t that simple either.
        “Azazel and Master Belial… Just like me and the huge fly…”
        “Then… what about me and Brother…?”
        Beelzebub threw herself into contemplation, while staring at Azazel in a daze. Azazel could no longer refrain from asking: ‘What’s wrong with you?’
        ‘Azazel… is the huge fly.’
        ‘What are you talking about?’ Before Beelzebub could reply, they were interrupted by Abadon’s voice from behind them. He angrily strode to the two and took Beelzebub’s hand, ‘Why are you here? Didn’t you promise to wait for me outside Master Belial’s room?’
        As Beelzebub felt the warmth of Abadon’s hand, she fearfully shook him off. Blushing, she lowered her head and apologized, ‘I’m sorry… I won’t go away again…’
        From her reaction, Abadon realized that he might have been too harsh. He guiltily said, ‘Let’s go! Master Belial asked us to deal with a gnome tribe.’
        Abadon turned to leave right after he finished his sentence, and Beelzebub hurriedly followed.
        After arriving at the target tribe, the two hid in the nearby woods to spy on the gnomes. It was not a large tribe, giving Abadon confidence that this task should be much easier than their previous one to eliminate werelizards.
        ‘Beelzebub, summon some flies to distract them first.’
        ‘Okay…’ Beelzebub called for her army, but somehow no flies came except for the huge one. No matter how hard she tried to summon the flies, no one else came to her…
        ‘What’s going on?’ Beelzebub was confused and at a loss.
        “You can’t communicate with the flies if you don’t have a peaceful mind…” the huge fly reminded its master, but its words were of no help. Beelzebub felt even more confused: “Does it mean that my mind is a mess?”
        Looking at the perplexed Beelzebub, Abadon wanted to pat her shoulder, but he quietly withdrew his hand as he recalled her reaction before. He stood up and said, ‘Just wait for me here. I can handle them alone.’
        ‘Brother…’ Abadon did not wait for her to finish her sentence. He ignited flames in his hands and rushed to the tribe.
        While Beelzebub was anxiously waiting for his return, she suddenly heard a bang from the tribe. It was Abadon — he was caught in a huge net! He was encircled by a group of armed gnomes, who were dancing excitedly.
        ‘No one can lay a finger on him…!’ As Beelzebub burned with rage, thousands of flies flew to Abadon’s location. With nowhere to hide, all the gnomes were besieged by the violent flies, while some other flies gathered around Abadon to bite and tear the net…
        The scene was total chaos, with countless flies hovering around and poor gnomes running away. But Beelzebub saw only the fiery shape — Abadon. Without a word, she ran to him and hugged him tight. The pair fell to the ground.
        ‘Beelzebub, you…’ Abadon turned silent as he saw her expression. She was smiling, yet tears were brimmed in her eyes.
        Beelzebub stroked her brother’s face. She finally found the answer to the problem long hidden in her heart. She had not faced it squarely, because she feared that her love might be too overwhelming…
        ‘Abadon…Thank god you’re alright…Beelzebub…loves Abadon…’ A radiant smile spread over her face. Finally, she had realized her feelings for Abadon. Deep in her heart, she no longer regarded him as her ‘brother’.