“Run the power of the astralists inside your body. Make them flow. Guide them to your hands……”
        “Ophiuchus, come on! I’ve taught you so many times. You still don’t get it,” a young girl grumbled.
        “...I’ve tried my best,” Ophiuchus said passively.

        The girl leaned close, but the image was so blurred that he couldn’t see her face clearly no matter how. “Ophiuchus, I chose you. Do you think that I wouldn’t know how much potential you have?” She hugged the little Ophiuchus softly. “I have faith in you, and I hope you do too,” she told him gently.

        After that day, Ophiuchus kept practicing the skills under the girl’s instruction. No matter how many times he failed, the girl kept teaching him patiently. Memories flashed through one by one, all about the life he lived together with the girl. They did anything together wherever and whenever, but he still couldn’t remember her face.

        About his last memory of the girl, Ophiuchus stood behind her. “Run, Ophiuchus!” She shouted and kicked him. Then, Ophiuchus fell from high ground....

        Ophiuchus woke up, still feeling drowsy when he sat straight. Despite the revelation of the lost memories, they were all incomplete like a puzzle missing the most crucial piece. Mitty and Marble approached him nervously, and Ophiuchus stroked their heads gently to calm them down.

        “You’re up?” the man asked. Ophiuchus realized the man he saved was sitting at the bedside. He looked at him bewildered.
        “I’m Hertz. You are?”
        “You’re one of the Courts of Zodiac too?”
        “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
        “But what you used is the power of the astralists.”
        “I said. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

        Ophiuchus didn’t sound like lying. He really had no idea that he was using the power of the astralists. It confused Hertz——there were only twelve Courts of Zodiac. Where did that power Ophiuchus used come from?

        “Did I pass out for a long time?”
        “Don’t worry. It’s just two days only.”

        “Thanks for your help.” Ophiuchus started packing for leaving, but Hertz stopped him. “You just woke up from a coma, and it’s still night time now. Take more rest and leave in the morning,” Hertz said.

        “You don’t understand.” Ophiuchus said and paused a bit. “The god soldiers coming after me will be here very soon.”

        Following with his words, there were several loud bangs and sound of people calling for help from outside. Ophiuchus and Hertz looked at each other for a moment and went outside. Fire was lit everywhere. The god soldiers tortured civilians once they got them, even brutally murdering them. Villagers were all fleeing out of panic.

        A boy in front of Ophiuchus was captured by a soldier. The soldier pulled out a dagger, wanting to stab the boy. Witnessing everything, Ophiuchus stopped him. “Stop,” he shouted. The soldier paused, staring at Ophiuchus’s neck. “Found you!” He tossed the boy away once he noticed Ophiuchus’s snake mark. Fortunately, Hertz got the boy in time before he hit the ground, saving him from injuries.

        The soldier gathered backup as he was sprinting towards Ophiuchus, who clenched his fists, rushed towards the soldiers to confront them. An incoming soldier instantly got punched down in his face. Ophiuchus bent and launched a turning kick at the god soldiers behind him; an uppercut hit a soldier next to him; Jumping up, he punched another soldier in the head… Countless soldiers surrounded him in the blink of an eye and his figure soon could hardly be seen in the crowds of the enemies. The cornered Ophiuchus got into a tough fight. Attacks were coming from everywhere and Ophiuchus could barely defend himself. One careless mistake and he got himself stabbed in his shoulder, falling onto the ground.

        “DIE!”All god soldiers raised their weapons simultaneously. Ophiuchus raised his arm to defend as he got nowhere to escape. Right at this moment, he felt a great energy rolling inside his body that could not be held back. The long-lost memories flooded in together with the power——

        “Run the power of the astralists inside your body. Make them flow. Guide them to your hands.”
        “I have faith in you, and I hope you do too.”
        “Run, Ophiuchus!”

        Every moment of the girl, smiling, the loving look and the griefing look penetrated into his mind. The gate to the long-lost memories were unlocked, hitting Ophiuchus hard in his soul. The girl was the Astralist of Ophiuchus, and he was her chosen one. The lost identity started to recover and all shards of memories reconnected. The snake mark on Ophiuchus disappeared, and his right eye was shining with sparkles. All the moving soldiers were in slow motion.
        “I’m Ophiuchus, the Court of Zodiac.”

        Ophiuchus followed the instruction in his memory, gathering the flowing power of astralists at both hands, and his hands glowed blindingly shiny! He dodged the attacks within a snap of a finger and jumped to the mid-air, striking towards the ground. The energy wave exploded at the center point of impact, blowing away the dust. All soldiers were blasted down, paralyzed.

        Ophiuchus successfully protected the village and Hertz. At the moment, the zodiac of Ophiuchus twinkled at the night sky. A familiar girl descended from the sky.

        “You finally remembered me, Ophiuchus.”
        “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

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