After meeting his father, the king, in the chamber, Khepri walked out in fury. He punched a tree hard and roared, “What a stubborn old man! All he wants is marry Sobek to another royal family, just to fulfil his ambition of expanding the territory. Couldn’t he think of any other better ways instead of wedding? I just took care of Narmer, and now he’s giving Sobek to his younger brother!”

        Khepri kept punching the tree like a madman, even with his hands already bleeding. Meanwhile, a servant bring him a letter. But the look on Khepri’s face intimidated him. “Your Highness, it’s for you…” he said in a shaking voice.

        “Get out!”

        Khepri grabbed the letter and ripped it into pieces. The servant was terrified and crawled his way out of the courtyard. Khepri calmed down a bit after venting the rage. Looking at those scrappy pieces on the ground, Khepri saw Narmer’s brother name on the signature. He trampled the pieces with hatred.

“Now that you got the throne, but I still can’t keep Sobek!” he said.

        Leaving the chamber, Khepri began to plot another scheme. He saw three persons break into the palace when he was passing through the archway. One of them was Narmer.

        “The explosion didn’t kill you...But you’re stupid enough to put your head in a noose. You won’t be so lucky this time!”

        Just a snap of his finger and the guards showed up right away. He led the soldiers and tailed Narmer to the center of the courtyard. Narmer started mimicking bird’s chirp after the other two hid themselves.

        “Your Highness, shall we…”

        Khepri stopped the soldier with a gesture while he was observing Narmer’s move. Very soon, Sobek rushed to the scene and hugged Narmer.

        The anger escalated when Khepri witnessed the moment. .

        “This man is a trespasser to the palace and he is trying to molest the princess. Get him !” he ordered in a cold voice.

        “Brother, what are you talking about? He is Narmer!”

        “He is whatever I say he is. Get him now!”

        Dozens of armed soldiers drew their swords in a blink of an eye. . Serket, who had been hiding behind a rock, jumped out to protect Narmer. A nasty fight began right away.

        Narmer fended off a soldier’s attack. “So it was you who’ve been planning the whole thing all along! Why?”

        Khepri escort Sobek out of the courtyard.“Why? I’ll tell you. This is what happen when you’re trying to steal Sobek away from me!” he responded dismissively,

        “Brother, he is the love of my life. Why are you doing this to him?”

        “Love?” Khepri’s rage erupted. The little Sobek used to tell Khepri that she loved him the most. And no one could have his baby sister except him. “Kill them all,” he ordered in a stern voice.

        Soldiers swarmed to Narmer in no time; Serket was stuck in the fight and couldn’t get to Narmer. With the attack so close to killing him, a falcon swept across the sky and took down the soldiers with razor-sharp claws.

        “A white wing pattern on its back…” Narmer mumbled. He had some kind of familiar intuition when he saw the falcon hovering around him, the familiar feeling of being protected.

        The soldiers were down after the bird’s attack. Khepri grabbed his weapon and decided to take care of it by himself. The falcon noticed and pounced on him before he striked.

        The falcon was about to get him. But Khepri wore a cunning smile and crouched down to dodge its strike. Then he swung the sword upwards. The falcon was stabbed right into the chest.

        “NO!!” Narmer screamed heart-wrenchingly. The falcon fell down to the ground. Horus was transformed from it in a pool of blood.

        “It’s you…”

        “Horus...won’t let anyone hurt Narmer…”

        “It’s always been’re the one who saved me from the explosion…,” Narmer helped her up, tears welling up in his eyes.

        “We’ve already met...when you were young...You saved me...So Horus swears to protect you with my life…” the dying Horus gave a fragile smile.

         “She’s has been my guardian angel all along…” Memories flooded back to nARMER.

        Then, he braced himself and raised his sword against Khepri. “No one is getting hurt anymore. Not on my watch! They’re mine to protect,” he said determinedly.

        “Try me, you weakling!”

        A fierce fight started right away. But the experienced Khepri overpowered Narmer in just a few rounds. Even Narmer’s weapon was knocked off..

        Pointing the sword to his throat, Khepri shouted ferociously, “die!”

        *Swish*, Khepri stopped before he could kill Narmer. With pupils dilated, he felt a great pain in the stomach. He turned around, and saw that Sobek was holding Narmer’s sword.. “Enough, brother...I’m not your puppet! Please stop controlling me and hurting Narmer! !”

        Stabbed by his loved one Khepri was frozen.. “HAHAHAHA...Sobek hurt me. Sobek hurt me for this stranger!” he screamed in hysteria.

        Footsteps came gradually from far to close. The king brought an army to put down the riot. The manic Khepri was arrested.…

        His evil scheme got exposed by Narmer. The king deprived his heirdom and put him under house arrest as his sentence.. The imprisoned Khepri overheard that servants were rapturously discussing the marriage of Narmer and Sobek outside the room. “Hahaha! A bunch of fools! How would Sobek marry someone else when she is right here with me! Sobek, you’re staying with me forever, right?” he laughed. Then, Khepri tied a pillow up.

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