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        “Zhang must stay alive. Take good care of your mother. Be strong and live.”
        These were the last words of Zhang Jue’s father. Then, she and her mother could not help but watch his father’s head being cut off by a broadsword. His eyes were still wide open, filled with grudges. The crowd gradually dispersed; Zhang Jue held his mother’s arm, who was almost fainted when she witnessed such tragedy. They walked towards the guillotine and wanted to bury the dead. Just a few steps away, two soldiers came up standing in the way: “Don’t get closer! Leave!”
        “We’re his family. We just want to bury his body, so that he can rest in peace...Please show mercy.”
        Zhang Jue’s mother begged for them. The soldiers could not bear to see her crying. As they wanted to let them pass, a bully, with numerous coins wrapped on his waist, brought his men to stop the soldiers. “Hey hey! A sinner doesn’t deserve to be buried! Throw the body away, just like how you treat a rubbish.”
        “My father died because of you! You tricked him! You bastard——” Zhang Jue was slapped by a bully’s underling before she finished her words, then fell down to the ground.
        “So what? Power and wealth rule the world! You better behave yourself, otherwise you’ll end up in death, just like your father!” The bully pulled her hair, “Remember it!”
        He spat at Zhang Jue, kicked her stomach, and left with his men, howling with laughter.
        “Daughter, are you alright?” Zhang Jue’s mother helped her up immediately.
        “I’ll make him pay for this!” Zhang Jue responded in anger as she wiped the saliva on her face.
        “Forget it...We should not cause trouble anymore. I can’t risk losing you…” Zhang Jue’s mother was in tears; Zhang Jue knew it was meaningless to argue over it, so she went home with her mother.
        Since then, her mother became weaker and weaker. There was no sign of improvement. In winter, she passed away. Zhang Jue had no one to depend on anymore. She intended to bury her mother, but everyone was afraid of being infected as she died of a plague. They insisted Zhang Jue to cremate the body. At last, she could not help but watch her mother burn on a pile of firewood.
        Afterwards, Zhang Jue had been living a tough life. One day, the bully brought his men to humiliate her again. An ascetic passed by, witnessing all this; he stopped them immediately. Since Zhang Jue wanted to learn some skills, she asked the ascetic to take her with him. Saving lives was considered as a meritorious deed, so the ascetic accepted her request. Since then, Zhang Jue had been going on a journey with the ascetic, and a little boy named Lu Xun.
        Later on, Zhang Jue was bewitched by a demon sealed by the ascetic. She followed its will to break the seal, then left the ascetic and Lu Xun with the demon. Zhang Jue had learnt some venomous witchery and voodoo from the demon, but her ambition was far more than this——
        “It’s not enough...I need more…”
        “I can teach you a secret art.”
        “Tell me!”
        “Bring me a hundred boys as offerings. Kill them inside this magic circle, then I’ll possess tremendous power. After the ritual, I can give you anything you want.
        In order to get this done, she had to ask someone for help——Someone powerful enough to help her capture such a large amount of boys. Leveraging on the power of Dong Zhuo, Zhang Jue ordered the demon to create a cursed doll to kill the old emperor, which successfully helped Dong Zhuo become the most powerful man in the court.
        Before long, the old emperor died an unnatural death. Dong Zhuo helped the prince to the throne, and strengthened his own power in the empire by earning the prince’s trust. However, Zhang Jue did not do it for free, and now it was time for Dong Zhuo to pay for it.
        “Are you alright? Master Dong Zhuo.” She stood next to his room flirtatiously.
        “Oh, It’s you! I’ve been finding you! You did me a big favor. What can I repay you?” Dong Zhuo walked close to Zhang Jue and sniffed her body like a pervert.
        “Great. I need your help.” She showed a cunning face. “I’ll be happy if you can bring me a hundred boys.”
        “Okay, no problem. As long as you need it, I’ll get it for you.” Dong Zhuo hugged Zhang Jue, caressing her body.
        The real Zhang Jue had been standing beside Dong Zhuo. What he was hugging and kissing was only a pillar of his room.
        Dong Zhuo used his power to abduct many boys from various towns and villages, but the amount was still not enough. Zhang Jue used her voodoo to solve people’s problems in poor villages. She wanted them to worship her, and believe voodoo could make their wishes come true. But the villagers did not know that all the miracles were fake. Those people she saved were just actors and actresses employed by Zhang Jue.
        The People believed in Zhang Jue, giving their children in exchange for own wishes——survival or getting rid of poverty was far more important than their sons or daughters. They believed they could still get back their children someday after their wishes came true, but they would never know this was the last chance to meet them.
        One of the men who witnessed Zhang Jue’s so called “miracle” was Cao Song, Cao Cao’s father. Losing everything, he wanted to stage a comeback so bad. After knowing her power, he gave Cao Cao to her.
        Zhang Jue finally had a hundred boys. She drew a huge magic circle as guided by the demon, then brought all the boys inside it——
        “I summon the dark power, contribute the pureness you require; the blood shall link us, and bring you to this world!”
        The sky was overcast suddenly. The circle began to reveal a bizarre red light. The red light then became brighter and brighter; a gust of wind emerged, and the glare was so strong that Zhang Jue had to cover her eyes. As she opened her eyes, Cao Cao was the only one left in the magic circle, with his hands covered with blood. The body parts of the kids scattered around him. Obviously, the demon had possessed Cao Cao’s soul; its ominous energy filled inside him.
        She came up to him and ordered: “You’ve got what you want, from now on you need to obey me——” Before Zhang Jue finished her words, she was beheaded by Cao Cao immediately! As her head fell down to the ground, her mouth still had a slight tremor, as if she was asking “why”...