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        The North had never been blessed by peace. Tribes had been fighting for glory, devoting their lives to it. Tyr was still young and ambitious at the time when he obtained the position of judge. Tyr was obsessed with power and had been the judge of the tribe since then. When people drew up contracts and agreements, they trusted Tyr more than Odin, their tribal leader. However, Tyr soon found it hard to cope with the demand as the tribe grew. He made erroneous judgments on several occasions due to his emotions. To protect the tribe’s authority, Tyr could only stand by his judgment. Yet after he brought down the gavel, Tyr would secretly asked Loki to make it up to the people he condemned wrongfully. When Odin led his tribe in the battles against the Demons, Tyr picked up his axe to seek pure justice out on the battlefield.

        Later, Odin acquired tremendous power from the Armor of Runes. He shared the power with Tyr and the others, so that he could quell the disorder with his gigantic axe. As a test for their power, Odin ordered his warriors to create beasts to aid the war, but the giant wolf that Loki created was too dangerous that Tyr managed to subdue it at the price of his left arm. The gods healed Tyr with the power of the Golden Apple. Though survived, Tyr could not remain youthful as the others, ending up with the appearance of an old man. After that, Tyr fought many battles out of regret, and maintained order for the army.

        But he had been feeling upset - he craved to find out the reason he could not make fair judgements. Under the influence of his mighty power, Tyr became austere gradually. From all the warfares, he realized in the past that the benevolence of an old man had failed him from being stony, which was why he could never be satisfied with his judgments. He abandoned humanity, grabbing the axe embraced by ruthless flames with his lone arm. Tyr became the Deity of War feared by the Demons on the battlefield, as well as the merciless magistrate respected by all soldiers.

        “My judgments are merciless and just. I follow the orders and bring victory as promised!”