On the battlefield, Tyr was retreating with his axe swinging, in attempt of open a way among the surrounding of wave of demons. He did not fear death, but he promised to hold the line of defense. He couldn’t die at this moment, yet he couldn’t send his soldiers marching to death for his own sake either - for he had no way to retrieve their souls before the Valkyries arrived. Tyr sent the firebird he created to attack from afar , hoping to create a diversion. He never expected the bird to make it back alive, as he had forgotten the value of life for the might he got. On the battlefield, he only cared about the fight and the promises he had made before he left.

        In the past, Tyr had defended Loki many times before he abandoned his humanity. At that time, Odin hesitated to share his power with Loki. “Without Loki, we would have never guide our troops through those hostile environments.” Tyr treated Loki fairly for his service in the brigade. Odin then shared his power with Loki, as a result Loki became the sinful god who brought chaos. Tyr sacrificed his left arm to defeat Loki’s giant wolf and even hunted him down to stop him from spreading chaos. “One can only be just with a cold heart.” Tyr had been blaming himself. He had forsaken his humanity under the influence of his power, becoming a merciless warrior and magistrate. He fought in countless battles, until the promises he made were fulfilled.

        Legend had it that Tyr and the Valkyries led heroic spirits, who lost their lives in wars, to fight on various battlefield. Only those who valued promises and fought gallantly could be approved by Tyr. He became the war deity of bravery, justice and law. He was the order who watched over oath keepers. Everything about him was deified and people shouted his name as they battled against the Demons. This was just the way Tyr craved things to be.

        “If one longs for victory, one must remember the name of the magistrate. His name is carved on our swords, our blade edges and on our backs. May fire grants us courage, and may our blades lead us to victory!” The soldiers cried in unity.

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