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        On the glacier, Tyr, the Deity of War, swung his giant axe of flame. The blow hit the blonde warrior like a boulder. The warrior tried to parry the blow with his weapons crossed, yet the blow was so strong that he hit the iceberg behind, which then broke into pieces. The remaining heat of the blow evaporated the ice pieces into steam.

        “Soldier, die as you were destined to. This is an order.” Tyr walked into the mist and was about to end the warrior’s life. At this very moment, the horn inside his heart sounded. It was different from those he used to hear on the battlefields -

        “If you die a martyr, you would be honored as a hero by the tribe. Yet if you lingered on, your tribesmen would recall nothing but shame - ”

         -Its sound was reminiscent of the horn blown during a ship burial

        Suddenly, a sharp edge appeared in the mist and attacked Tyr from his left. The warrior thought the left of Tyr was his weakness as he had lost his left arm. Out of the warrior’s imagination, the fire elements formed an arm there from nothing and seized his sword. The warrior hacked away Tyr’s axe, where flames came out of his sword.

        “You no longer are my commander!” The warrior tried his best fighting back. At the moment, Tyr could feel his sorrow returned like a long lost friend.

        “The poison of the evil dragon has devoured your soul, turning you into a demon - ”

        “Likewise to you!”

        Tyr frowned. He could feel the pain from his phantom arm of fire, it was exactly the feeling when Loki’s giant wolf tore off his arm. The pain went directly from his arm to his heart. Ever since Tyr fought with the godly power, he rarely felt pain. Not only did the power give him the tolerance to pain, but also his cold heart prevented him from suffering.

        Their weapons collided and clanged.

        Tyr clenched the warrior’s sword with his hand so tight that the sword shattered into pieces. He then exploded his phantom arm and the warrior was blown away, losing his consciousness. Seeing the warrior lying on the ground with all the horrible injuries, Tyr suddenly lost the urge to end his life.

        Odin had once asked the Gods to create beasts with their emotions in order to preserve their humanities. As Odin’s will collapsed, his emotions returned to their owners. In the past, when Tyr led his brigade to slay the Dragon of Poison, his men were annihilated due to the tricks of the Demons. Some even had their minds polluted by the demonic blood of the dragon... Tyr thought that killing the tainted soldiers was an act of justice, but the pain he felt when he killed the giant wolf suddenly struck back. He also recalled Loki’s painful cries, as well as everything his tribesmen had come across with. Tyr found that he had forgotten his initial intentions. He used to be a pursuer of “justice”, only to free his men from pain, not becoming a merciless killer.

        Tyr kept on wielding his axe and serving the others with his power. But more often, he guided his fellow soldiers to fight the Demons as the Deity of War.