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Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.13

        As Cao Cao received the news of alliance from Yuan Shao, he made the decision to strike beforehand. Assisted by Yuan Shao, Cao’s army successfully infiltrated Lü Bu’s city and set up a trap for him.

        However, the plan was exposed by Zhuge Liang who utilized her strategy to stall Sima Yi’s reinforcement. In the meantime, Liu Bei sought rescue from Sun’s army to save Lü Bu. The alliance even managed to turn the table later in the battle.

        To spare Cao Cao’s life, Xiahou Dun sacrificed herself to hold back the alliance force from hunting down Cao Cao.

        Xiahou Dun’s death had ignited the vengeful spirit of Cao Cao, who swore to annihilate Sun Quan’s state.

        The gate remained intact despite Cao Cao’s intense attack, while the enemy's reinforcement kept arriving. For that, Sima Yi led a suicide squad to bomb the gate down, breaching for Cao Cao.

        As Cao Cao looked around, he realized that all the deaths on the battlefield were caused by him.

        “I know better than anyone that I don’t deserve to be happy, but I’m glad that I can be the most damned person in this world,” Cao Cao thought with a rotten smile. “Going to hell sounds good to me. At least it won’t be boring.”


        At Cao Cao’s command, the high-spirited Cao’s army marched forward.

        Riding his horse, Cao Cao galloped his way towards the breach. All of a sudden, a halberd flew across the air, pinning onto his way. Cao Cao, reacted fast enough, pulled the rein to stop.

“Cao Cao! It’s your death today!”

Lü Bu, who came from the side, jumped down from the horse to retrieve his halberd. Then he pointed the halberd at Cao Cao and taunted him.

Right after Lü Bu finished his words, someone hacked a sword at him——it was Cao Cao off the horse!


When the sword clashed with the halberd, it generated sparkles and a deafening noise. The shockwave blew up the dust around the area, raising a cloud of dirt.

“Not bad. You’re fast enough to block my sword,” said Cao Cao. Despite his tease, his body was acting the opposite, wrestling with Lü Bu with every bit of his strength. The aura they exuded intimidated everyone on the battlefield, gathering their attention.

“Humph! You’re still despicable as always,” Lü Bu said in disdain.

“I’ve got that compliment too many times!”

Cao Cao’s arrogant laughter had provoked Lü Bu. With a raging roar, Lü Bu wielded his halberd with maximum effort, pushing Cao Cao away to a certain distance.

“Lü Bu is much stronger than me. I’ll be at a disadvantage if I go directly against him…” When Cao Cao was evaluating in his head, something on the field inspired him.

“What’s wrong with you? Getting exhausted already? I’ll leave your corpse intact if you surrender now,” said Lü Bu.

“Haha. Dogs with the loudest bark won’t bite,” Cao Cao mocked.

“Damn you! I’ll make you regret what you said!”

As Lü Bu cursed, he utilized everything he had learnt to fight Cao Cao, attacking him with the halberd in all deadly angles.

The fearless Cao Cao swung his sword to intercept Lü Bu’s strike. Then he turned his defense into attack by reducing their distance, slashing Lü Bu’s right arm.

“Damn it!”

The moment when Lü Bu’s attack was stopped, Cao Cao’s sword was already an inch away from cutting into his body. Lü Bu had no choice but to retract, yet the sword still cut open a wound on his arm.

Gaining the upper hand, Cao Cao turned his wrist to reverse the sword, hacking Lü Bu’s left arm. Although Lü Bu managed to dodge it, the blade nearly reached his face. A strand of his hair was cut off.

“Weren’t you confident? Are you scared now?” Cao Cao made a taunting gesture at Lü Bu.

While the provoked Lü Bu was charging at Cao Cao, he had an ominous feeling when he saw an evil smile on Cao Cao’s face.

“This is...the smell of explosives!”

Turning around, Lü Bu found a cart next to him——he didn’t know that it was a bomb cart set up by Sima Yi, which had left on the battlefield because the driver had been killed.

Cao Cao deliberately lured Lü Bu to the area near the bomb. When Lü Bu finally figured out his plot, the bomb had already been ignited.

BOOM! As the bomb was detonated, the scene became dusty and was shrouded in smoke in just a split second.

“HAHAHA! Lü Bu, you won’t survive this no matter how tough you are!” The thrilled Cao Cao smiled wickedly, but his joy ended very soon.

Irritating noises sounded from the gate; when Cao Cao looked back, he saw the Sun’s army fixing the gate.

“Humph! Trying to reseal the gate? Not on my watch!” Hopping back on to his horse, Cao Cao commanded the army to march again.

The longer the horse sprinted, the closer the gate was.

“I can make it with this speed...Mmm!”

Cao Cao dropped his guard while he was focusing on sprinting, and he got stabbed by a halberd——thrown by Lü Bu with his last bit of strength.

Lü Bu dodged at the exact moment before the explosion, which saved him from being blasted into a dead meat. Still, he was critically injured. At this moment, rage was the only thing that kept him standing. He spent the last ditch effort to toss his halberd, stabbing into the back of Cao Cao.

Taking the hit, Cao Cao almost fell off the horse. In the nick of time, he glimpsed at Lü Bu’s egoistic smile and the mutilated Sima Yi. The image reminded him of his life story, bringing up the killer instinct that had once appeared when he was young. Next second, he was fully pumped up.


With a beast-like roar, Cao Cao pulled himself back to the horse with all the veins popped on his arms. Despite the tremendous pain, he pulled out the halberd on his back and made it his weapon, throwing it towards the gate.

Whoosh! A soldier was shot in the head while fixing the gate, granting Cao Cao a chance to slip into the city.

“Where is he...The man who killed Dun…”

The bloody Cao Cao, ignoring his critical injury, sought his target inside the city. It didn’t take him too long to spot the target in a blood-tainted sight——Sun Quan who was directing the soldiers to seal the city.

“Hmm, found you.”

The red eyes of Cao Cao squinted; a grin of pure bloodlust filled his face. All the present soldiers were terrified to quiver, for they didn’t see a human but a monstrous creature.

“I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!” Cao Cao shouted in a maniac way, charging towards Sun Quan——