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        In a prosperous country affluent in resources, there were three princesses. The eldest daughter was clever; the second daughter was brave; and the youngest, most-beloved daughter were beautiful as a work of art. Her rosy cheek, charmingly red lips and beady, pearl-like eyes, altogether were like a masterpiece of the creator.

        As Hearty grew up, many people came to propose one after the other every day. However, the innocent girl never longed for marriage but staying with her parents. Yet life never worked out as he planned.

        One day, Hearty did the gardening work personally as usual in the city. Humming cheerfully, she watered the flower buds of her red roses.

        A visitor came from behind all of a sudden. Despite the light footsteps, Hearty was sensitive enough to hear it. Then, she wore a naughty smile.

        “Father must be sneaking up on me again...Humph, let me scare him away first.”

        Hearty pretended not hearing and continued her gardening, until the visitor was just a few steps away from her. “I got you——Whoa!,” Hearty turned around and laughed.

        Unfortunately, the visitor was not her father, but a young man, the fiance of her second sister. Hearty had met him before in their engagement party, but she never liked the way he looked at herself——an aggressive gaze of a predator.

        “ sister is not here.” Hearty stepped back, but the man did not intend to let her walk away. “Don’t be scared. I’m here for you actually.”


        “Right.” The man got closer and closer in a forcible way, grabbing her hands. Hearty struggled to escape, but she was no match for him in terms of strength. Her indifference failed to fend him off. On the contrary, it aroused his interest.

        “You’ve stolen my heart ever since the day I met you. I’ve been missing you, and I want to touch you anytime…”

        “No, stop——Mmm!” Hearty tried to ask for help, but her mouth was covered by the man. In spite of her struggle, the man put his hands into her clothes by force——

        “What are you two doing here!” The intervention of a lady stopped this nightmare. At the same time, the man also let go of his hands.

        “Sister, help——Ah!” Before Hearty could call for help, she was slapped across the face and fell down. The man then came over to her sister and said, “I got lost in the garden and asked her the way out, but all she did was seducing me!”

        “You...How dare you seduce my fiance!?”

        “No, he is lying…”

        “Well lying or not, let’s figure this out with the judge of the king.”

        Hearty agreed as she wanted to prove herself innocent. Yet the man had already bribed the city guard beforehand, framing Hearty for slutty nature and seducing guards. The king, in a fury, looked at her disappointedly and announced in a cold voice.

        “I don’t have such a shameful daughter. From now on, you’re no longer a princess of this country.”

        “Father...No! No!”

        The beclouded king never listened. He ordered the soldiers to banish her from the city. It was already dark outside, and rain was pouring. Hearty’s feeling just resembled the weather at this moment.

        She carried the bag prepared by her mother secretly, walking into the forest in a heavy mood. Raindrops fell on her face. Suddenly, someone jumped out ahead and tried to stab her with the sword——

        “Ahh!” Hearty stepped backward nervously but stumbled on the soft soil. Luckily, the fall had saved her from danger.

        “Why...why did you attack me?”

        “Cause you made your sister angry! Go to hell!” The assassin, sent by her sister, attacked Hearty again. The barehanded Hearty could do nothing but closed her eyes to take it. Yet the sword didn’t stab her like she had expected. Instead, she heard a painful scream from the assassin.

        Opening her eyes slowly, she saw a petite girl standing in front of her with a cold look. The wisdom exuding in the girl’s eyes though, did not fit her age. She was Alice the hostess of Wonderland.

        “Are you the beautiful little princess from the rumor?” Alice raised Hearty’s chin for a closer look. “Hmm...You surely live up to the fame. Coincidentally, I’m looking for an eye candy just like you. Come with me to Wonderland.”

        “...Wonderland? No, I don’t want to!”

        “Do you think you have a choice?” Alice let go of her and grinned. “You’re abandoned by your father. You sister is trying to kill you. And you can’t even swing a blade. My beautiful princess, do you believe you can survive in this evil world?”

        “I…” Hearty could not retort as she knew Alice was right.

        “Come to play with me. I’ll give you something in return.” Alice conjured a water sphere on her index finger, which made Hearty gobsmacked totally. “Something you will find it useful for the rest of your life,” she continued.

        So Hearty followed Alice to Wonderland. That’s how she became the Queen of Hearts there…