Light was Ubbo Sathla’s first perception. It was born fragile, but still squirmed towards the light instinctively. Then, Ubbo saw it——Daoloth the creator. Like a squab’s first contact with its mother, Ubbo’s soul was engraved with awe and love with Daoloth. This undeniable nature made Ubbo pledge its humble obedience to Daoloth.

        “Ubbb!” Still unable to speak, Ubbo could only babble, rubbing Daoloth’s shiny body with its head. But this action was incomprehensible to Daoloth. At the moment, two shadows descended from both sides——Daoloth’s followers Arwassa and Yibb Tstll.

        “Hahaha, you created another new thing. Oh——It’s magnificent.” Arwassa howled with laughter. Then it moved and reached out to hold the tiny little Ubbo up. “And it looks completely different from the creations you made in the past...If I were you, I’d make it chubby just like me,” Arwassa said as it observed.

        “Humph, whatever. Nothing can compare with Daoloth.” Yibb folded its four arms, gazing with disdain. Then the timid Ubbo broke loose and hid behind Daoloth like a child nestling to his mother.

        Ubbo’s intimacy had completely overwhelmed Daoloth , for it did not know how to react. Witnessing this funny moment, Arwassa burst into laughter, loud enough to shake the surrounding stardust; echoes of collisions spread over the space. Ubbo tilted its head, finding the sound soothing deep into soul.

        Since then, Ubbo had become the 3rd follower of Daoloth. Arwassa taught it to control its body, while Yibb shared creation experiences with Ubbo, who began to accept their existence and develop mutual understanding. In its heart, Daoloth remained the most sacred being.

        Daoloth swung its tail to create a trace in the universe; then the stardust started gathering over there. It raised its hands, closed its eyes and pushed the stardust to each other. In a flash, a flat planet was formed. Daoloth lost its grip, rotated its body and circled the planet, giving rise to sprouts of plants.

        In a split second, a new land of life was created, to Ubbo’s amazement with its omnipotence. It came over and talked to Arwassa. “Daoloth is just perfectly perfect. It’s the almighty creator who dominates everything.”

        “...Sometimes perfection is a defect too.” Gazing at the infinite universe, Arwassa continued, “and how do we define perfect?”

        Ubbo had no clue about what it said. On several occasions, the joyous Arwassa had shown a flicker of loneliness; whenever it was in its solitude, its words became difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless, Ubbo never worried much because someday it would finally understand as it grew up. Unfortunately, it was not going to happen——
        Daoloth had devoured Arwassa.
        It occured right after the realm was created. Ubbo used the power of Daoloth to create the continent and ocean successfully. When it wanted to tell Daoloth the good news, Ubbo found it lying on the ground, looking dejected. So it rushed toward to help.
        “Daoloth, what’s going on?”
        “Arwassa...What have I done? I...killed it...I killed my loyal follower…” Daoloth collapsed. This was the first time for Ubbo to see such a fragile side of Daoloth.

        “It’s alright. Daoloth is still Daoloth, the omnipotent creator.”

        Holding Daoloth tight, Ubbo responded determinedly. “There is nothing wrong with you. Your decision is absolutely right; faults should be on others.”
        “ right? Even after devouring Arwassa…”
        “Of course! You’re our creator. You have the absolute right to do anything to us. And Arwassa is willing to be devoured.”

        “My right…” Daoloth repeated Ubbo’s words mechanically in trance.

        This Daoloth was completely different from the divine image Ubbo had always admired, but its soul still retained the respect and love with Daoloth. Even for now, Ubbo had never doubted its divinity.

        “Daoloth is the supreme being in the universe.”

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