Sunnie knew that she needed to pass through the death valley and lost woods before she arrived at the habitat of Ithaca pigs.
        She was impatient to taste it and kept urging Colin, Wilson the crimson dragon and Saxon the white dragon to speed up. When approaching the death valley, all they could see was bottomless canyons, dark without a ray of sunlight.
        “Just as its name, death valley. We’ll fall to death if we don’t be careful,” said Sunnie.
        “There is no way people can pass it. But with me, it’s just a piece of cake.” Colin called his white dragon and jumped on the back. “Ride on Wilson. We fly over the valley.”
        “Hey great idea, Colin!”
        Sunnie climbed up the back of crimson dragon. Lacking experience, she could not control it nor sit tight. Every time the dragon moved, she would fall to the ground. Therefore, Colin could not put up with her clumsiness any longer and flew closer. “Come over here, you idiot,” he reached out and said.
        “Tut, don’t be that harsh okay?” Sunnie held his hand and then sat on the white dragon. Colin’s reliableness somehow set her mind at rest.
        “Hold it tight! Gosh, your hands are dirty. Don’t touch me again okay,” Colin said as he patted the dragon on the back. Giving a roar, the white dragon flew over the valley together with the crimson dragon. Soon, they made it to the other side.
        “Yay, one step closer to the Ithaca pigs,” Sunnie smiled.
        “Oh no——Didn’t I tell you not to touch me!? Look! My cloak gets dirty,” Colin yelled.
        “What a fuss! The delicacy is right ahead. Aren’t you feel excited? I can’t wait to taste it. Come!”
        Then, Sunnie saw a sea of towering trees. The scene misted over, like a creepy haunted forest. By intuition, she knew she had arrived at the lost woods. As long as they traversed it, they could find the Ithaca pigs. Hence, she ran into the woods without any hesitation.
        “Hold on! Sunnie!” The crimson dragon gave chase to her; Colin and the white dragon brought up the rear.
        Suddenly, there was a ray of strong light ahead. Feeling excited, Sunnie looked back and tried to tell Colin about the exit. However, no one was here, not a single soul. They were lost.
        “Colin! Wilson! Saxon! Where are you?” Sunnie shouted, but the only voice echoing through the woods was hers. All of a sudden, someone approached her when she started getting into a panic. It was Colin. “Here you are! I’m afraid when losing you guys.” Sunnie hugged him immediately.
        Colin responded with a smile, “It’s dangerous to run away in the forest. Stay with me.”
        However, a surge of strange feeling was lingering in her heart. This Colin was different from whom she knew. “You’re not Colin. Who are you?” Sunnie pushed him away slightly.
        “Sunnie? What are you talking about,” Colin asked as he came cover, but she stepped back on full alert.
        “First, Colin hates me touching him with my dirty hands. He always yells at me. Second, you don’t have the unique, lemon-like smell of him!”
        “Colin” showed a bizarre grin. He turned his hands into sharp branches and rushed at her. In the nick of time, a gleam came out from behind; a white figure flashed past her like an arrow and cut off the branches.
        “Lemon-like smell, are you kidding me?” Colin saved her in time. Sunnie rejoiced at the reunion and shouted, “Colin!”
        At this moment, two flames were cast from the sky and set the fake one on fire. “Are you alright,” two dragons asked as they landed.
        “Yeah!” Tears of joy welled up in her eyes.
        As the heat drove away the mist, they set off again. Before long, Sunnie arrived at a vast prairie; lots of pigs were roaming the plains. Judging from the distinctive, fruity scent, she was sure that those were the Ithaca pigs as said in the rumour. Sunnie and Wilson could not contain themselves, rushing at the pigs, which were sacred off right away——
        “Woohoo! I’ve been waiting this day for a long time!” Sunnie wound the rope in a loop.
        She winked at Wilson, instructing it to land in front of a pig. In a panic, the pig tried to escape, but was eventually lassoed by her.
        Other Ithaca pigs were hiding somewhere already. They were helpless to see one tied on the branch. Sunnie and Wilson planned to cook it slowly, so they were going to find the firewood. The fruity scent became more intense as its body was covered with smoke.
        “Cough! What’s going on,” shouted Sunnie.
        “Did you scorch the delicacy,” Wilson asked.
        Colin didn’t want to get dirty because of the smoke, so he commanded Saxon to spread its wings and blow it off. As the smoke disappeared, Sunnie saw a man stand in front of her suddenly! The man felt shocked, gazing at his hands. “I, I finally turn back into human! The black magic is gone,” he was in tears.
        “Th-this is…” Sunnie did not know how to react.
        The man told them everything which happened in the past. The Ithaca pigs used to be humans. One day, Circe turned them into the legendary delicacies with the black magic.
        Who would have thought to break this magic with fire?
        Sunnie asked Wilson and Saxon to burn them with flames. Soon, they all returned to human forms!
        “Sigh...the legendary Ithaca pigs are all gone…” Sunnie was disappointed.
        As Colin was thinking of how to soothe her sadness, Sunnie had already picked up the pieces. “Oh! It’s rumoured that a golden apple is hidden in the northern region. Let’s go, Colin,” she said excitedly.
        “But that’s none of my business,” Colin frowned.
        “Hey, it’s the perfect apple in the world!”
        Then, Sunnie held his hands and began their food journey again...

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