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        Chiyuki walked up to an umbrella shop with her father. When she was carrying goods, a red umbrella caught her attention. She held the umbrella in her hands with great caution. It was quite eye-catching with sakura patterns loomed behind. As Chiyuki delightfully examined the umbrella, a black stain suddenly caught her eye ! Right at that moment, the shopkeeper came out, saw Chiyuki with the umbrella, and immediately scored her…

        “Get your filthy hands off my umbrella!”
        “Sorry I mean no harm, I just...” Chiyuki apologized at once, but the shop owner grabbed the umbrella and immediately checked it. He pointed at the stain and shouted at Chiyuki: “Look what you’ve done! Pay up!”

        “It’s not what you think” Chiyuki was embarrassed and no matter how she explained, the owner insisted that Chiyuki was the one who stained the umbrella. Suddenly, a young man walked up to Chiyuki and asked: “What happened?” When the owner saw the young man, he suddenly held back his anger and bow respectfully. Chiyuki also stopped to look carefully at the young man, whose chiseled face, calm and gentle personality immediately caught her attention. Upon hearing the whole story, the teenager instantly bought the umbrella . The owner hesitated for a while, but finally sold the umbrella.

        “Thanks for helping me out.” Chiyuki bowed to express her gratitude.
        “I just did what I can. You can have this umbrella.” The young man handed the red umbrella to Chiyuki. She declined but the young man insisted, saying: “This doesn’t suit anyone but you.” Chiyuki received the umbrella with delight in her eyes. She tightly held the umbrella and once again, expressed her gratitude to the young man

        “I didn't think we would see each other again.” Chiyuki raised her head and saw the young man who helped her at the umbrella shop! She twirled her hair behind her ear as she blushed and said: “My father is carrying the goods...So I’m waiting for him here. Why are you here?” “This is where I live. What a coincidence.” The young man smiled. Chiyuki couldn't stop blushing and her heart pounded. That was the first time she felt this way.

        Chiyuki learnt the young man’s name: Sugiki. They talked about almost everything, from one subject to another. When they parted, they decided to meet up at this place every day to share their experiences. As time passed, they became closer and closer, when at last, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. However, their families didn’t approve of their relationship. Wishing to stay together forever, the couple decided to elope.

        As the date of their elope came, Chiyuki waited a long time for Sugiki, but he never showed up. As Chiyuki became more and more worried, a bright spark suddenly countered the darkness. Chiyuki thought it was Sugiki, but as more torches emerged from the darkness, she soon realized it was men sent by Sugiki's family to get rid of her! They tried to force Chiyuki onto the ship! She kept struggling to free herself, but then unfortunately fell onto a nearby stone

        Chiyuki wanted to move her limbs, but failed to get up. All the men sent by Sugiki's family screamed and ran away
        With all the strength she had left, Chiyuki tightly held the red umbrella, that brought Sugiki and her together, in her arms.
        Everything in front of her gradually blurred as memories of her and Sugiki flashed before her eyes, until she clearly recalled the first time they met at the shop

        She then closed her eyes and her chest no longer heaved as her hands still firmly held onto the red umbrella. It wasn't until after a long time, did a passer-by finally notice Chiyuki’s cold body holding onto the red umbrella. The man curiously opened the umbrella, only to find a pale maiden in pure white clothing suddenly appear! With her eyes bleeding, she said: “ love...where are you?” As the frightened passer-by wanted to close the umbrella, the maiden had already firmly grabbed his arms. The maiden stared at him and said: “You are not him...” The man’s screams pierced the quiet night. A red umbrella peacefully waiting by the road...