Since Arwassa was devoured, Daoloth had become emotionally unstable. Ubbo had been covering up the truth and keeping the other followers away from Daoloth, saying that Daoloth needed a secluded place to concentrate on creation. From time to time, Ubbo visited the beloved Daoloth in the dell, just to talk with it. Sometimes Daoloth would quietly listened to Ubbo like the old days; sometimes it would go out of control, screaming and howling deafeningly.

        Despite its madness, Ubbo’s awe of Daoloth had never wavered. Its eyes were full of piety and pureness. That is what Ubbo was in nature.

        However, such pureness had been tainted accidentally. Ubbo was possessed by one of the Azathoth’s followers named “Fthaggua”. After a fierce battle, it successfully ate up more than half of Fthaggua’s consciousness at last. But that once pureness had already been corrupted with the destructive darkness.

        Ubbo was unaware of the change inside. One day, it paid Daoloth a visit as usual. Just when it saw Azathoth is with Daoloth, a surge of envy and hatred was turning up like billows.

        “Why are they being together? That disgraceful creature of destruction!! I hate it! I hate——”

        When Ubbo’s mind was messed up by the intense rage, it destroyed the mountains in the proximity unintentionally as a way of release. Looking at the shattered ground, it felt nothing but utter astonishment and fear, for it heard something——Fthaggua’s evil sneer.
        “Geegeegee, how does it feel? The sensation of envy, hatred and destruction. Aren’t they so much fascinating than the dull creation?”

        Fthaggua’s consciousness popped up, wearing an evil smile. Ubbo, trembling with rage, hit its face hard to the ground.

        “Get lost! I said get lost!”

        Ubbo roared, revealing the hysteria that had never had before. Scared by its manic behavior, Fthaggua vanished right away. Gasping for breath, Ubbo gazed at Daoloth and Azathoth, who were clinging to each other.

        “I won’t let you corrupt Daoloth!”

        Ubbo decided to team up with others to take down Azathoth discreetly. To its surprise, followers of Azathoth had also come; one of them was Yibb Tstll.

        They were here to take Azathoth away, but Ubbo was not as pure as it was anymore. A strong sense of possession towards Daoloth made it vow to eliminate the existence of Azathoth.

        “Daoloth will only regain its perfection without the existence of Azathoth!”

        Ubbo spread its dark wings to barge Yibb away with its gigantic and solid body. Then, Yibb immediately opened its limbs to balance in the air and spat corrosive liquid from its lower, distorted face.

        “Argh!” Getting hit, Ubbo let out a scream of pain, which also completely wiped out the only mercy left to Yibb. The evil hatred lying in its eyes had surprised Yibb, who opened up the remaining eyes on the upper half body.

        “Looks like our little baby has finally grown up and learnt to get angry.”

        “Shut up! I’m not gonna let you approach Daoloth!”

        “Sigh, I thought you’ve become mature more or less. Yet, you’re still naive…” Yibb shook its head. “Daoloth is gonna collapse soon.”

        “Nonsense! Daoloth won’t fall. It’s flawless!”

        “Then what is wrong with those creatures?” Yibb pointed at the beings over the land, eating up and preying on each other. They were all primitive creatures in the realm created in Daoloth’s hands.

        “They… are devouring each other… impossible!”

        “Right, originally the creatures of Daoloth made not have any notion of destruction. They’re pure and flawless. But endless creation has already used up its power and distorted its will…No, this is the truth perhaps, for single entity can’t last forever, even the almighty Daoloth.”

        “...Shut up! No more insult about Daoloth !”

        Ubbo opened its mouth, releasing waves to attack Yibb, who dodged it easily and spat corrosive liquid back. Facing the veteran Yibb, Ubbo lost the upper hand. It looked down, attempting to seek help from the others, but was shocked by what it saw -- Daoloth was attacking Ghatanothoa!

        “If you really want to save it, you shouldn’t stop me, but Daoloth.” Yibb spoke profoundly.

        Ubbo gazed at Yibb for a while, then took a dive. Soon, it saw was Daoloth lying on the ground, looking blank without divinity.

        “Geegeegee, poor you. Who could have imagined that the mighty Daoloth would become so powerless? Do you still think that it’s flawless after all you saw?”

        “Shut up! You low being!!”

        “Looks like you’ve changed as well, Geegeegee, interesting…”

        Ubbo slammed its head hard on a rock to shake off Fthaggua’s sneers. Looking at the weak Daoloth, Ubbo felt pain even it had clearly no injury. It said sorrowfully as it rushed towards Daoloth, “Daoloth, my dear Daoloth.”

        Ubbo’s call appeared to work. Daoloth’s eyes resumed focus. Its mouth trembled slightly, and it brought Ubbo into embrace: “Find Itha…find Ithaqua quickly…Only it can stop me.”

        Throwing the last words, Daoloth fell into a faint. Ubbo caught its body and held tight, as if it would never let anyone hurt Daoloth.

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