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        Among the perilous mountains, there was a hot spring splashing from rock slit. Steam filled the air nearby. At this moment, a nine-tailed vixen swiftly jumped between rocks, all the way to the hot spring.

        Surrounded by lilac vape, the vixen gradually shapeshifted into a human, revealing a stunningly gorgeous female body. When Daji the vixen flipped her beautiful hair, such graceful silhouette made the atmosphere of this place even more pleasant.

        The moment she bathed into the hot water, she let out an almost silent moan, whose beauty was able to make all the ladies in this world feel insignificant of themselves.

        “Things on the mortal realm have been exhausting me lately. Luckily I still can catch a breath in this lovely hot spring.”

        Inspired by Jiang Shang, Daji had retired from brutality to cultivate her virtue. However, her past never ceased to haunt her; Bao Si, the demon she once saved, exterminated a whole country just to make Daji happy.

        Despite the rescue of Daji and Jiang Ziya, the casualties had already been made. The scene of the people screaming and crying somehow hurt her.

        “The change in me is real...And he is the reason...Jiang Shang…”

        In a split second, Daji jumped out of the water as she sensed an incoming visitor, revealing her claws regardless of her nudity.

        “It’s you, Sibuxiang,” said Daji. When she was about to get back into the water, Sibuxiang curled around her legs in panic.

        “What’s wrong… Did something happen to Jiang Shang?”

        As Sibuxiang nodded hard, Daji’s heart sank. Next second, she sprinted all the way to Jiang Ziya’s residence in the form of enormous fox.

        It didn’t take Daji long to arrive at the scene, where Jiang Ziya was surrounded by a swamp of Xians. Pissed by what she saw, Daji took a huge leap; meanwhile, the Xians were startled to fall back as they saw the gigantic fox in the air.

        “Don’t you even think about touching my Jiang Shang!” Daji groaned at the Xians; her fierce look intimidated those young Xians to shiver.

        Still, there were senior Xians who shown no fear said, “I told you. This despicable vixen should have been eliminated. And that demon who wiped out a nation gotta be her conspirator! It’s only a matter of time that she’ll initiate a massacre like her wicked demon.”

        “In my opinion, this vixen is probably the mastermind behind that carnage. Master Jiang, please don’t be fooled by her lies!”

        “She’s not with me! I didn’t do anything!” Daji defended herself immediately.

        “You can say anything you want.”

        “Vixens are still demonic after all.”

        Refusing to believe, the Xians kept on the accusation. The enraged Daji eventually let out a deafening howl to shut their mouths.

        “I knew it, you evil fox. Master Jiang, please reconsider our request!” An old Xian threw a gaze of disdain at Daji and bowed at Jiang Ziya.

        Jiang Ziya scanned all the presenting Xians and said, “grand master said that kindness lies in every being, including Daji. As for the tragedy of that burnt city, I can assure you that she had nothing to do with it.”

        The Xians were still doubtful after Jiang Ziya had sworn for Daji’s innocence. When the confrontation was in deadlock, someone descended out of the blue, attacking Daji with a monster lasso. In a split second, Daji dodged with holding Jiang Ziya in her mouth.

        “Grand Preceptor Wen, what was that supposed to mean?” Daji stared at Wen Zhong, the man standing upfront. Wen Zhong put on a fake smile and said, “putting down the dangerous monster of course. Be prepared to die, you evil fox!”

        Wen Zhong surged his power, attacking Daji with water stream. Daji managed to dodge without striking back, not even a moment of hostility; on the other hand, Wen Zhong shown no intention to spare her, aiming at her fatal parts. As the battle went on, the presenting Xians had begun to question the morality of this battle.

        “I guess there’s only one way to put down a sophisticated vixen like you.” Closing his eyes, Wen Zhong casted few enchantments to corner Daji. In order to survive, Daji reluctantly conjured her power to break his spell. As the magic was returned to Wen Zhong, the shockwave had blasted him away to cough blood.

        At this moment, it’d be like a snap of fingers for Daji to kill Wen Zhong; and she would have done it without hesitation in the past, but——

        “I won’t kill him...I ain’t that monster in the past anymore!” Calling back her power, Daji returned to Jiang Ziya in human form.

        “Why don’t you kill me,” Wen Zhong got up and asked.

        “...It won’t do me any good...And I don’t want to fail Wanyue anymore…”

        Wen Zhong laughed loudly after a moment of silence.

        When the Xians were confused by Wen Zhong’s reaction, Jiang Ziya stepped forward and said, “the battle has already proved that Daji isn’t monstrous anymore. My brothers, please give her a chance.”

        All the Xians had no more excuses to keep pushing at Jiang Ziya. When they were leaving, Daji noticed that there were still few Xians scowling at her. At that moment, she knew that they were still holding grudges against her.

        “Jiang Shang will be in trouble as long as I’m still in the Heavenly Kingdom…”

        The old Daji would have killed anyone who stood in her way, but not anymore, for that would cause danger to Jiang Ziya. Right now, her decision had been made.

        A graceful silhouette was heading to the exit of the Heavenly Kingdom before dawn.

        “Goodbye...My Jiang Shang…” Taking one last glance at Jiang Ziya’s residence, Daji plucked up the courage to leave——

        “Little fox, where are you going?”

        “...Why do you even ask when you’ve known the answer already,” said Daji without looking back, but her voice was shaking.

        “My presence will only bring you trouble. I don’t wanna be you liability.”

        “But…” Jiang Ziya paused a while and said, “I’ll be lonely if you leave me.”

        “You——” Turning around, Daji saw the blushing Jiang Ziya. “That’s too low even for you…” said Daji, unable to hide her joy anymore.

        For all this time, Jiang Ziya had never said a single word about his feelings towards Daji. If Daji had never known his true feelings, she would have been determined to withdraw from this relationship completely; now that he had confessed, Daji had no more strength to resist anymore.

        Overjoyed, Daji ran into Jiang Ziya’s embrace and said, “I’m counting on you for the rest of my life.”

        “Me too,” Jiang Ziya murmured with a smile.

        Dawn broke; the soft sunlight shone on this beautiful couple, marking the most touching scene in the Heavenly Kingdom...