Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 8

Kingdom Raimonia was enclosed by skyscraping walls, where the area within 1km from the walls was called buffer zone. It was a deserted area with very few elves coming by.

This day, Ruby went all the way downtown to the buffer zone. She sneaked into bushes nearby to observe the soldiers on patrol.

The buffer zone was regularly guarded by the army. Yet the guard had loosened, for no one would ever come to this place.

While Ruby was watching the soldiers passing by, leaves rustled behind her. Turning around cautiously, she was relieved once she saw Diamond.

“That’s so rude of you to be late...Huh?”

A refined girl revealed herself from Diamond’s behind. Ruby asked straightforward, “who are you?”

“Her name is Amber. She’s also interested in exploring the outer world, so I bring her.”

“Really? Anyone who wants to join the club is welcomed! I, the senior here, will take good care of you!” Ruby held Amber tight onto her chest, making Amber feel suffocating.

“Mmm——” As Amber managed to break free, she hid behind Diamond. Scowling at Ruby, Amber declared, “I hate you.”

“Aw! Don’t be that. I’m just trying to be nice. Come here, I won’t hurt you this time——” Ruby attempted to pounce again, but she was held back by Diamond this time.

“Ruby, why are you asking us to come here? If we’re really looking into something, shouldn’t we start with the entrance of the north?”

With the enclosed walls around Kingdom Raimonia, the only connection to the outer world located at the north, where all scholars conducted their research.

“Hahaha,” Ruby laughed with her arms akimbo. “You’re all fooled by this country. My investigation reveals that that isn’t the only way out.”

“What? Really?” The thrilled Diamond asked, “where are the other exits?”

“I don’t know,” Ruby answered bluntly.

“...Are you messing with us?”

“No. That’s why I ask you here and search together. I’ve been finding them in these 2 years, but I can’t finish this on my own ‘cause the walls are too big.”

“You——” Diamond felt speechless for Ruby’s capriciousness. Heaving a deep sigh, Diamond asked with a sharp gaze, “are you sure there’s another way out?”

“Yes...I guess.” Ruby looked away to avoid Diamond, who shook his head in disappointment.

At this moment, Amber pulled Diamond’s clothes and said, “let’s get started, or she won’t stop whining about it.”

“Amber you’re so sweet. I love you so much!” Ruby blew a kiss at Amber but she got ignored.

“Alright,” Diamond compromised as he was talked out by Amber. Then the three elves split up to search through different areas of the walls.

Ruby felt something strange.

“Something is glowing over there...Let’s check it out.” Ruby, not giving up on every lead, headed towards the glow immediately. The glow’s location was far away than Ruby expected, who didn’t realize that she was out of Diamond and Amber’s visible range already.

“I should be close...Found it!”

A palm-sized glowing stone was found on the ground. The moment Ruby picked it up, a fierce earthquake happened before she could inspect the stone.

A giant centipede dug out of the soil; the way it spread its legs was terrifying.

“AHHH——This, this is horrible!” The freaked out Ruby covered her head and screamed as loud as she could, which had made her the target of the centipede——


Deafening noise pulled Ruby back from her fear. When she let go of her hands, she found herself shrouded in shadow——


“Ruby, why are you wandering here alone? If I hadn’t found you in time, you would’ve become the dinner of this gross bug!”

While Diamond was talking, he crystallized his arms into jewel.

“Stay away!” Diamond bumped the centipede away with a hard push.


This yell reminded Ruby of the current danger she was facing. Despite her escape in full speed, the centipede kept hunting them down. The two elves could even hear the creepy sound that centipede made.

“Tut! It’s trying to spit venom!”

Diamond stopped running to shield Ruby. As he spread his arms, he surged the elemental power to crystallize his back, turning into dazzling jewel. When the venom touched his crystallized back, his body sizzled, producing white smoke.

“Ah!” Diamond moaned painfully.

“How dare you hurt my precious club member!”

Enraged by Diamond’s injury, Ruby forgot her fear and let the power inside her surge. With the pulsing crimson sparks, her arms were transformed into gun barrels——

Ruby strafed the centipede with jewel pins. Each of them fired was even sharper than the previous one. At last, the centipede fled with blood.

“Diamond, are you alright?”

Ruby’s caring gesture actually made Diamond panic, for the venom was corroding his clothes. If Ruby saw him, she would realize his true gender.

When his secret was closing to be exposed, someone covered him with a jacket.

“The venom didn’t hurt Diamond,” said Amber. She covered up for Diamond and put a jacket on him.

“That’s good to hear…” Ruby relieved as soon as she knew that Diamond was alright, but she stressed again when she heard the incoming footsteps. “It must be the soldiers! Let’s get out of here before they spot us!”

Amber lifted up Diamond and the three elves left the buffer zone through a hidden trail. During the journey, Ruby, following behind, had a strange feeling as she stared at Diamond.

“Diamond...She’s amazing. She has an exquisite face, but she looks so marvelous to me…”

Gripping the glowing stone tight, the old Ruby would’ve put all her mind and effort on studying new things she discovered; but for now, Diamond was the only in her mind...

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