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        Floods of gods walked out of a gate and went into a forest.

        “So this is the new world...Amazing. I can feel the immense energy in the air,” Hercules said with his arms wide open. Standing next to him, Perseus the tan boy and Andromeda the blondie were both amazed to dropping jaws.

        “Finally! Finally we’ve got a place to live!” Andromeda hugged the boys excitedly. Hugging back, Perseus gave a wide grin and said, “we gotta keep this place safe!”

        Hercules nodded hard, making the promise with his two best friends. Since then, they had been training themselves, hoping to join the army and fulfill their promise. As time went by, the young boys had grown into strong men. Both Hercules and Perseus joined the entry test for the army. They fought all the way to the semi final——

        Bang! Hercules hit the opponent in his abdomen with a devastating punch. Once the opponent fell, the crowd burst into a round of applause and cheer.

        “Hercules, I knew you could win this!”

        “Can’t believe you made it to the final!”

        Hercules was surrounded by compliments, but a deafening applause covered everything in all of a sudden.

        “Looks like the game is set. The winner should be Perseus,” Hercules thought while looking at Perseus in the crowd. Sensing a gaze from afar, Perseus looked back and made a funny face. Hercules was amused to almost laughing out loud.

        “Congrats, Herc,” a voice of a girl said. Andromeda hugged Hercules with her petite body; The sweet smile of her took Hercules’s breath away. Hercules coughed slightly and pulled her away implicitly.

        “Thank you, Andromeda.”

        “No, it’s your effort paid off. I’ve been watching you, so I know better than anyone about that...Good luck on the final tomorrow!”

        Hercules nodded, and Andromeda smiled back at him. Then she ran towards Perseus, but she didn’t pounce on him like she did to Hercules. Instead, she maintained a distance with a blush on her cheek.

        “Everyone can see that she likes Perseus. No, only Perseus doesn’t.” Smiling bitterly, Hercules turned around and left. He decided to call off the day earlier than usual, getting ready for the final tomorrow.

        Next day, Hercules and Perseus stood in the arena under the bright sun. As this was merely a competition between gods, no weapons were allowed in order to minimize the casualties. Both of them tensed their bodies, getting ready for the battle. All they were waiting for was the announcement of the priest—— “Start!”

        Perseus made the first move right as the competition started. He swiftly moved to Hercules’s back like a phantom, hitting him with a heavy punch. Having taken the hit, Hercules lost balance and fell. Before hitting the ground, Hercules tried to grab Perseus, but Perseus leapt backwards like he had already figured out Hercules’s moves.

        “Perseus is really fast!” Hercules was making strategy while getting back on his feet. He locked on Perseus, then sprung towards the target, leaving a dent on the ground. Perseus agily dodged his heavy punch, moving behind Hercules once again. Before Hercules could react to it, he had already taken the hit from Perseus’s kick. At this moment, the crowd burst into cheering again.

        “I might not be as fast as him, but...I’ve got strength and a resilient body!” Despite the hit Hercules had taken, he stood firm on the ground and grabbed Perseus’s leg tight.

        “What!” Surprised by his move, Perseus struggled fiercely, but he couldn’t break free from Hercules’s trapping. With a raging roar, Hercules headbutted Perseus to knock him out.

        “The winner is Hercules!” The crowd burst into wild applause, all dedicated to Hercules. Meanwhile a figure went to Perseus lying on the ground——it was Andromeda. The tearful Andromeda helped Perseus up, who was moaning in pain.

        “As long as there’s Perseus, I guess Andromeda will never love me back no matter what I do,” Hercules thought as he looked at them, making his heart ache. To Hercules, there’s no triumph or glory more important than her encouragement.

        “Herc, I lose. Your strength is truly astonishing!” Perseus came at Hercules, patting at his arm without faking anything. The honesty he had moved Hercules.

        “Both Perseus and Andromeda are my best friends. They’re like my family. I’m happy as long as they’re happy...As for my love to her, let’s leave it behind…”

        “Herc, what’s wrong?” Andromeda’s words pulled Hercules back from his deep thought. He realized that Perseus had long gone, leaving Andromeda with him.

        “Shouldn’t you be going after Perseus? Someone might try to steal him from you. You don’t have to stay for me.”

        “What are you talking about...I’m gonna be mad if you ever say that again,” Andromeda said while pouting at Hercules, unlike her usual calmness.

        “And I’m worried about you more than Perseus...Doesn’t being the champion mean taking the most dangerous mission? I...I don’t wanna lose you,” Andromeda shivered when she was talking. Her knuckles were stressed to pale, revealing her extreme worry for Hercules’s well-being. Hercules, who couldn’t hide his affection anymore, held her in his arms.

        “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

        “Don’t be. Just promise me you’ll come back to me safely.”

        Andromeda didn’t resist Hercules’ hug but held him back.

        “Oh, my lovely Andromeda. I never knew that you were so worried about me...Maybe I’m far more important to her than I thought...even more important than Perseus…”