A fire broke out in the forest, spreading to a village nearby. The flames began to engulf the wooden houses in the village one by one. Hydra rushed towards the villagers and shouted, “run to that mountain! The fire is unstoppable!”
        Feeling panicky, the villagers followed Hydra’s instruction to flee to the destination. The fire was spreading fast, but many were still trapped in their houses. Hydra risked his life to save as many people as he could, but the more people he rescued, the more wounds he got. His stamina was running low.
        “The fire is big. I’m afraid I’ll get hurt this time...No! As a star constellation, I can’t be scared. I can’t put a stain on my reputation!” Suddenly, Hydra heard a scream and he headed towards the direction——a girl was under a collapsed tree. Her mother was trying hard to push away the trunk but to no avail.
        “Let me help you!” Hydra lifted the tree up. However, the other trees nearby were about to collapse due to the flames——
        Boom! Hydra gathered his constellation power to carry the tree in his back in the nick of time. Even with the help of his power, Hydra was unable to offset the full impact of those fallen trees. Coupled with the burns, he was severely injured and bleeding badly. The air was filled with black smoke, but Hydra endured it and shouted, “Go!”
        The mother felt scared, carrying her daughter to flee. Finally, Hydra felt exhausted and fainted. His body was crushed by the trunk and the flames started spreading to him.
        “Will I die here...I still want to save more people. In this way they’ll glorify me, and no longer be afraid of my weird appearance…” The vision began to become blurry. When Hydra was about to lose his consciousness, he heard footsteps. A petite figure was coming up to him…
        A cold feeling had awakened Hydra. He opened his eyes and saw a curly-haired lady. “Finally, you woke up. Wonderful,” she wore a sweet smile. “Here is the barrack? You’re…” “I’m Andromeda, soldier of Gods. I’m here to stop the fire.” “How are the villagers?” “They’re fine, but you almost burn to death. You were still bleeding when I saw you.” Hydra noticed that his wounds were already bandaged. He believed Andromeda had saved him.
        “She is pretty, not only the appearance but also the heart, unlike me…” Hydra touched the scales on his arm. The snake bloodline brought a unique characteristic to his look. Everybody was scared off by his strangeness. However, he was convinced that as long as he kept helping people, they will eventually know his kindness.
        “How are you? Still painful?” Andromeda wiped the sweat from his forehead with a white cloth. She was not afraid of him. Staring at her gorgeous face, Hydra could feel his heart was pumping fast.
        After putting out the fire, the god soldiers sent the villagers and Hydra back to the village. Then, Andromeda went off with the army. Although he wanted her to stay, but he kept it in his heart eventually.
        After months of convalescence, Hydra finally recovered. However, when he removed the bandage, it gave the villagers a scare, because there was a centipede-like scar left on his body. Although they were nice to him, Hydra could still feel the fear hidden in their hearts. He decided to leave as he was no longer able to bear this spiritual torture. When the villagers were aware of his departure, they were smiling broadly.
        “This is how I’m treated in return for saving their lives...If I’m not ugly, would it make any difference…?” Such question popped up in his mind.
        After leaving the village, Hydra continued to carry out his mission as a star constellation to save people in need. Nevertheless, many of them simply disliked him without getting to know him. Hydra was driven away; a kid even cast a stone at him, but he did not give up. Until one day, he was kicked out by villagers again. When leaving in low spirits, he heard the villagers saying——“The Courts of Zodiacs!! They come to help us.” “This is great!”
        Watching the villagers kneel down to worship the Zodiacs devoutly, Hydra could no longer contain his fury and depression. He punched the ground hard, leaving a huge pothole immediately.
        “I strive to help them, and this is what I got...Humph! I’m so naive. Humans are just selfish and skin-deep creatures. They don’t deserve my protection!”
        Since then, Hydra did not help Humans anymore. Sometimes, he destroyed villages or hindered the Zodiacs from doing their work. His action had drawn Aether’s attention. When the war between the Zodiacs and Gods began, she came up to him. “What does the great god like you want from me? I’m nobody but a lowly star constellation,” Hydra asked. “I want to make a deal with you. As long as you help me take down the Courts of Zodiacs, I’ll remove the scars on your body.”
        “Anyway, they are an eyesore to me. If I cooperate with Gods, maybe I can see her again.” Hydra jumped off the tree, reached out his hand and said, “Alright, I’m in.”

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