Before dawn, the unicorn was still sound asleep in its cage. The circus leader held a wooden bucket filled with ice-cold water in his hands and with a flip, he poured it onto the unicorn, forcing it to bounce awake. The unicorn glared at the circus leader, but he merely put down the bucket and took out a whip as he gestured a tiger to come out of its cage. He whipped the ground and ordered the tiger to enter the unicorn’s cage.

        “Hey! Stay away from me!” The unicorn backed up into a corner, but the circus leader cracked the whip, causing the unicorn unbearable pain. “Don’t back off. Let the tiger stand on your back!” The circus leader yelled as he lashed down his whip again. The unicorn calmed down and looked at the tiger. It was skinny and its stomach was growling. It probably had not eaten for a couple of days, so the unicorn raised its guard before yelling: “Are you trying to feed it with a unicorn?!” Instead of replying, the circus leader used his whip to bring the two beasts closer to each other. Unable to bear the pain any longer, the unicorn kneeled down. The tiger then seized this chance and jumped onto the unicorn’s back. “Stand up! It’s not finished yet!” He cracked his whip again. With the heavy weight on its back, the unicorn’s trembling legs uneasily stood straight. It only took a few steps before it suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness.

        “I’m not a unicorn...I’m not a unicorn...I’m...!” The unicorn’s thoughts ran amok when it suddenly opened its eyes. It looked around and realized it had fallen unconscious. However, what it saw was neither the tiger nor the circus leader, but a chaotic scene where spiritual beasts ran around while everything was on fire. The unicorn suddenly heard a cry of pain. It knew it was the circus leader’s voice, but the person who dashed into the tent was not the leader but a familiar figure instead — a man who it thought was the most handsome and extraordinary person in the world.

        ‘All the animals here are now free. You can return to nature where you belong!’ The adolescent, ‘Haza’, his lips were closed, but the unicorn could clearly hear him.

        “I’ve finally found you!” The unicorn could not help but yell, “Hey, jerk! Give me back my body!”

        The unicorn had actually once been a beast hunter. He received the mission to hunt down a unicorn, so he stayed in a forest for days until he saw the mythological beast. Just as he was applying anesthesia to an arrow, the unicorn appeared behind him. Almost as a reflex, he attempted to stab the unicorn with the arrow, but its horn had already thrusted into his chest. When he regained consciousness, he surprisingly found himself turned into a unicorn.

        ‘Haza’ now calmly and leisurely approached the unicorn and put his hand on the unicorn’s forehead.

        ‘It’s good to see you. By changing our bodies, an obsessed hunter like you can experience what it’s like to be tamed and hunted...but who knew you would also break my horn...’ The unicorn looked up and saw that half its horn was gone. It could not help but recall how it fought the tiger, and deemed this "experience" worthless, because it, who used to be a "he", also caused harm to itself. Unable to suppress its anger anymore, the unicorn shouted, “I’ll kill you!” However, as soon as it yelled those words, it felt like something was amiss: hurting him would be hurting his own body...

        He once again suppressed his anger and respectfully said, “I am sorry I wanted to hurt you, but I have realized my mistakes and have experienced the consequences of my actions. Nonetheless, you have lost your horn. How about this? Let’s change back our bodies and see how we get along?”

        Upon hearing that, ‘Haza’ looked worried before slowly replying, ‘Without my horn, we cannot return to our bodies.’

        “What...?!” The unicorn was bewildered and felt as if its heart stopped beating. Meanwhile, ‘Haza’ wore a warm bright smile: ‘But knowing that you will reflect on your actions, everything was worth it. About my horn breaking...this is the first time it’s ever happened. Maybe we should work together and think of a solution!’

        Although the unicorn nodded with a smile on its face, it cursed the adolescent a million times...

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