That slap had shattered Hyacinth’s last bit of love towards Welwitschia, leaving nothing but resentment. Since then, Hyacinth had stepped on the path opposite to Welwitschia’s expectation. Not only did he monopolize the trades with the outcasts, but he framed and banished the less appealing floral-elves to increase the cheap labours outside the enchantment.

        As his policies were backed by the nobles and the benefited merchants, his influence eventually became powerful enough to threaten the king’s decisions. Later on, Hyacinth received a delightful news——Cornflower stepping down because of his fiancee Sakura.

        “Cornflower has stepped down, and Strelitzia isn’t a threat at all. Now I’m the only option of the heir! I’m the only one worthy to take the throne!” Hyacinth was confident that everything was in his plan, until he met Rose.

        Deeply obsessed with Rose’s beauty, Hyacinth was thrilled whenever he imagined having her by his side on the ascension. Then he buttered up her parents in order to get the green light of marrying Rose, but she had already chosen Nepenthes who was way uglier and inferior to Hyacinth.

        Hyacinth’s confidence was shattered once again, as if rerunning Welwitschia’s slap to him. This hurtful truth reminded him of the humiliation brought by Cornflower. Despite his rage, his attempt to execute Nepenthes was interfered by Welwitschia, changing the sentence to banishment. At that moment, Hyacinth realised that he would never be recognised unless he brought Welwitschia down. This day, he had an appointment with his noble backer to seek support.

        “Your highness, what can I help you with?” The noble welcomed Hyacinth at the lounge.

        “Let’s be honest. I want my father to step down.”

        “You——We can’t talk about this here. Let’s go to the meeting room, shall we?”

        Closing the door, the noble asked Hyacinth grimly, “your highness, do you really mean that?”

        “I never bluff, and you don’t agree to share elements either.”

        Elves of Plantdom breathed out elemental power, and Mother Tree absorbed the power to transform it into the vital halo for the elves. Some of the elements would be released out of the enchantment during the process, which was opposed by some elves who thought that the power should be kept only for Plantdom.

        “With all due respect, your highness, this isn’t sufficient. You gotta have something more convincing to the nobles…” The noble paused and continued, “unless you have the dew of Mother Tree.”

        “The dew of Mother it because of the rumor?”

        The halo of Mother Tree was fading, and there were elves withering because of that. Lately, a rumor claimed that the dew of Mother Tree was the cure, creating a buzz among the nobles. Yet no one was able to get it with the heavy guard of Mysorensis.

        “Your highness, madam Mysorensis loves her daughter Paperwhite, and Paperwhite adores you. The dew of Mother Tree is not gonna be a problem if you’re madam Mysorensis’ son-in-law.”

        Hyacinth couldn’t stop thinking about what the noble had said. On the way to his palace, he saw Paperwhite waiting at the doorstep, who waved at him with a bright smile.

        “She really likes me. I don’t hate her, but…” Hyacinth was still captivated by Rose’s mesmerizing appearance, the blazing hot gaze and etc...There was nothing about her that he didn’t love, except the fact that she turned him down and fell for another elf.

        “It doesn’t matter anymore if I can’t have her, and I should take this advantage!”

        Hyacinth then dated Paperwhite and proposed to her. Mysorensis didn’t approve the marriage at first, but she eventually agreed for Hyacinth’s persistence and Paperwhite’s begging. Hyachin started planning to bring down Welwitschia immediately after he had became Mysorensis’s son-in-law, but things went out of control——Welwitschia was poisoned into a coma.

        Yet this accident didn’t affect his plan, and it even turned into a catalyst. Supported by the nobles, he became the acting host of the Century Feast. While he was preparing for the event, he deceived the nobles with the fake dew in exchange for their loyalty. Very soon, he was just one step away from the throne.

        It was a beautiful day on the day of the Century Feast, as if Hyacinth was blessed by nature for being the future king. Looking at the elves admiring him under the stage, he was overwhelmed by an unspoken excitement.

        “I did it! I’ll be writing a new chapter of Plantdom!”

        Absorbed in pride, Hyacinth could neither realize the bizarre looks on the nobles, nor the threat that was closing to detonate...

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