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Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 18

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

The nationally well-known Minerelf Boys’ School was the school for the privileged only.

A sea of students had been waiting in front of the notice board at the hallway. At this moment, two elves walked out of the faculty room with exam results. As they pinned the results onto the board, all students swarmed over to check their grades, except Malachite.

After checking the grades, the boys approached Malachite; a short-haired boy patted Malachite’s shoulder and said, “I knew the top of the class would be you!”

“Congrats, Malachite. You’re the top of the class,” said a short boy.

Everyone started congratulating Malachite as if it was epidemic.

“I’m just lucky. I got all my prediction of the exam questions right,” Malachite responded with a humble smile.

“Luck is also a part of your ability,” said a chubby boy, who squeezed all the way through the crowd to flatter Malachite. “I felt sorry every time you got the second of the class. Luckily, Diamond has transferred to another school. Now you finally made it to the top!”

The chubby boy’s words had put the crowd into an awkward silence, making the smile on everyone’s face disappear. As everyone gave the boy a cold gaze, he started to panic.

“You’re right. Luck does matter,” said the grinning Malachite, putting his hand on the boy’s shoulder. He then leaned over to whisper, “but if you’re too dumb, you’ll be doomed no matter how lucky you are.”

Malachite retained his smile when he let go of the boy, who wanted to flee but captured by the others.

“You know the drill. I don’t want any evidence.”

The cold-blooded command and Malachite’s humble tone made a drastic contrast.

The boys nodded and dragged the chubby boy away, who was screaming terribly like a pig to be slaughtered. Although the boy had been dealt with, Malachite remained in a bad mood.

“...Luckily, Diamond has transferred to another school…” What the chubby boy said was still lingering in Malachite’s mind.

“I’m heading to the rooftop. Don’t follow,” said Malachite. Whenever there was an order from him, no boys at the school would dare to defy.

Malachite walked to the edge of the rooftop and peeped——the rooftop of Minerelf Girls’ School, where there was only a road separating the two campuses.

“She isn’t here...Is she still in class?”

Just when Malachite was wondering, the door of the opposite rooftop was opened, together with a girl’s giggle.

“Is she laughing? I’ve never seen her laughter since last month I met her...What’s going on here?”

Malachite looked over as he was desperate to get the answer——she was chatting with a silver-haired girl. The face that charmed Malachite was glowing with joy, as if she was talking to the love of her life.

“The girl next to her...She looks so familiar to me...No...It can’t be possible…”

The shocked Malachite stepped back and crouched down, grabbing his head. When he finally accepted the truth, tremendous hatred occupied his thoughts, twisting his handsome face.

“Diamond...How dare you sneak into the girls’ school and approach my Amber...I won’t spare you!”

Everything had happened between them accumulated into the deepest grudge within Malachite…