Ghostie and the others had successfully found the lost triplets in the laboratory. But their rescue mission was tough as they had been under multiple attacks. Then, Cullinan the mastermind showed up, but eventually fled as he was overpowered by Zero. While Zero was desperate taking the injured pals away from the mansion, Ghostie noticed that…

        The siren was counting down, but Ali Baba was still missing. All of a sudden, someone strode the laboratory from the side door; and Ghostie hurried to catch up as she detected Ali Baba’s scent nearby.

        The suspicious figure walked into another laboratory storing chemical liquid. Tailing behind, she saw a pigtailed lady tie unconscious Ali Baba to a chair. Then, she handed a bottle of smoky liquid to his lips. “Drink it...and you’ll be mine…,” the lady murmured.

        “Who are you? Why did you target on Ali Baba?” Ghostie sneaked close and whispered in Blodgett’s ear.

        Without seeing this coming, the startled Blodgett spilled the liquid out of the bottle. Her arms broke out in a rash instantly when she made contact with Ghostie. “You’ve ruined my plan again and again. I’m not gonna let you off this time, you goddamn cat,” Blodgett went crazy as she kept scratching.

        She took out a swatter from her waist. With a wave, the grid was electrically charged, letting out some “buzz” sounds. “Electricute you,” Blodgett said with a ferocious look.

        Then, both of them started a chase. Blodgett kept waving the swatter that it almost got Ghostie’s tail for a couple of times.

        “Hey look! He awoke,” Ghostie pointed her paw at faint Ali Baba; Blodgett was deceived, looking at where she was pointing. Ghostie seized the opportunity to hide herself.

        By the time when the tricked Blodgett turned back to resume the attack, Ghostie had already gone. While Ghostie was about to untie Ali Baba stealthily, she accidentally went into a chair making a huge noise.

        “Save yourself before you’re trying to help someone! Die!” Blodgett attempted to hit Ghostie’s head with the swatter. Fortunately, Zero arrived with the injured pals for backup.

        In the nick of time, Mellow had an idea. She threw a clay cheese at Blodgett to freeze her action; Fist tracked her down by sound and managed to take her down by knocking off the swatter.s As a result, she was subdued.

        “ should have been controlled by my iron ring!” she shouted at Fist madly.

        “That kind of thing is no match for his love to Plumpy,” Mellow answered with sarcasm.

        After ordering Ghostie to untie Ali Baba, Mellow climbed on Zero’s shoulders and looked down at Blodgett. “Rich kid like Cullinan is too dumb for this whole cat eye conspiracy. It has to be your plan and you’re the inventor of this evil device!”

“So what? Cullinan is the only way to wipe out all of you from Ali Baba! If it wasn’t for you staying between Ali Baba and me, he would’ve loved me!” Blogett confessed everything.

        Suddenly, the siren made an emergency announcement,“BEEP! Warning! Warning! 3 minutes left!”

        Mellow instructed the pals to evacuate in haste during the wailing of the siren. Ghostie, who brought up the rear, saw Blodgett was still immobilized by the cheese. And she approached, planning to remove the cheese..

        “Don’t bother! I don’t need your help!” Blodgett yelled at Ghotie.

        Ignoring Blodgett’s refusal, Ghostie did what she thought was right. “I know how it feels to be ignored...but even so, we can’t hurt the innocents. Alright, let’s go.”

        Just as she reached out to take Blodgett leaving together, a shelf on which the liquid bottles were placed fell, trapping her in the corner.

        “I’ll move it away——”

        “Save it! You won’t understand how I feel! I’m not gonna give up on Ali Baba. One day you’ll pay for this, goddamn cats…”

        “It’s not the time to——Ah!”

        The siren rang again. The entire mansion started shaking; ceilings fell between both of them. Ghostie managed to dodge it, but when she looked back, Blodgett had already vanished...

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