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        Urd lifted a water pot and filled the bucket in the smithy. The young warrior beside nodded with gratitude. He was forging iron in front of the furnace, beating the red-hot metal hard with a hammer, shaping it into a piece of armor.

        “You will succeed, Odin.”

        “Thank you, daughter of Mimir. Your prophecy gives me faith.”

        “No, this is no prophecy. I simply predict the outcome from the way you behave.”

        “Really?” The warrior smiled and said, “Then I am going to make it happen.”

        Urd didn’t reply. She wanted to say something to the warrior, but she swallowed her words at the end. She left the smithy and returned to the lakeside to feed her swans. On her way, she passed through the square where numerous warriors from various clans were practicing for future battles.

        “We’d better let history repeat.”

        As a daughter of Mimir, Urd inherited his infinite memories. She remembered every story her father had told, and witnessed people repeating the same mistakes as their forefathers. In the past, Urd once asked her father the reason to watch over people; he replied, “Because Humans are like a treacherous river. They can destroy the embankment of the world, yet can also fend off the wolves that wanted to swim across..”

        “But they can’t change the world, can they?” Little Urd asked.

        “They will,” the old man gently lifted his daughter's cheeks with his large hands. Urd saw her own reflection in her father’s eyes, which showed her curiosity — “and you shall witness,” said her father. Later, Urd shared her father’s power with her sisters. The whole world came into sight of her aquamarine eyes; she witnessed the endless cycle of history and how everything remained the same as the past. Urd beheld the world together with her swans, and finally, she understood her father’s words.

        “The river of the past nurtures the grasslands...” Urd observed the war between Humans, Gods and Demons, waiting for the flood that would change the world.