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        The spear pierced through the gap of the armor into its cavity. The soul trapped inside the Armor of Runes could finally rest in tranquility. The warrior picked up the black helmet, sensing the coldness of metal with his fingertips. Finally... he had acquired the power that could change the tide of war. Before putting on the helmet, he looked at Urd, asking her with his eyes. It seemed that sorrow consisted in the determination within the warrior’s single eye.

        “You should have known that I never stop anything from happening.” Urd answered.

        “You said you never prophesy. It’s just because you never utter a word nor participate in anything.”

        “I once mentioned. I am waiting for you to act.”

        “You can’t always be a bystander.”

        “Right. Therefore I would help you become part of history.” Odin smiled upon hearing her speech but Urd’s smile faded away. “You will suffer, Odin.”

        “I know. Mimir told me before,” he said with a sincere smile, “but my will shall never waver.”

        Demons raged through the land. The Dragon of Poison was released in attempt to tear the Divine Tree, and to corrode the realm of Humans to Demons’ land. Prompted by war, Mimir the ancient savant escaped to the North together with his daughters. When the war spread to the North, Mimir taught the tribes to fight back. When he foresaw the apocalypse, he enlightened people about the salvation. After the death of numerous heroes, Odin finally gained the power of the Runes. He expelled the Demons and sealed the Dragon of Poison in Enochian Tower. Urd had been recording all heroic deeds of Odin as he fought endless battles in the name of protecting the Human race. He obtained the power to change the war situation from the armor of Runes that belonged to their ancestors, yet his soul had been gradually fading. Urd and her companions had been staying with Odin all along. When he had finally settled the final battle, they sealed him in the tower, as witnesses of the future predicted by Mimir. Whenever the horn was blown and the restless spirit of Odin was being awaken by the Dragon of Poison’s bellow, Urd and Valkyrie would set out to the broken tower. They would comfort Odin’s soul to ease his pain and help him remember who he really was.

        “All is set from the very beginning of eternity, awaiting the assembly of all creatures...” — Urd, Valkyrie of Memory